11 May 2009

getting started

Hey, LowCarb People!

I've been reading your blogs, and learning tons (thank you very much)!
Now I wish to contribute to our growing community of LowCarb bloggers.

However, like anything else worthwhile, it takes a little while.

Like weight loss, for example. It is taking me a very long while to make any progress at all.
No, I don't eat too many carbs -- I don't eat any!
No, I don't eat too many calories -- I measure, weigh, & document every single thing!
No, not too FEW calories -- (altho that makes no sense at all, actually)
No artificial sweeteners, no coffee, no medications.
Yes supplements, yes water, yes exercise.
Yes also support, happy motivation, realistic expectations, and peace and love!
No sleep-eating, yes quality sleep and room-darkening shades!
I'm "only" 48 but I am active.

There are so many contradicting ideas and opinions out there. If you step back and observe some of these low-carb bulletin boards, it can seem like total chaos. Who could believe such nonsense and yet be so smart? So misguided, so passionate.

Elsewhere, there are people who have real insight, even wisdom. Not just about eating carbs, but about "real life" things. People who encourage others and share in an refreshing, honest way.

Starting Atkins / low carb was NOT a weight loss diet for me , it was a lifestyle change. Well, not JUST a weight loss diet.
Still, it would be nice to see a little progess toward my "predetermined, worthwhile goals"!!


  1. It is taking me a long time to lose weight too. Vikki (fellow blogger) gave me good advice today. She said to focus on how much better my health is than it was a year ago (and not to focus on that stupid scale.)

  2. 8 years and still going strong! <3


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