28 April 2010

shirataki noodles

A LoCarb stir fry
Shirataki tofu LoCarb Noodles w/ parmesan / reggiano cheese. 
Pan-roasted (we call it "fried") grape tomatoes w/onions in balsamic vinegar.
Prosciutto and a wonderful avocado.
The noodles directions state to "wash thoroughly to reduce the authentic aroma."
That's a nice way of putting it.
2 net carbs per package - 1 per serving.
Water  all day like a little fish
Protein lunch and a hand-squeeze work-out thing.
I try to do a little "something-something" while driving.
"A mystery I can never hope to solve."

Lots of driving, on a nearly perfect Spring day in Dallas Texas, USA!
Comes with everything you see here...
But wait - that's not all!
This fine day also includes
Coffee w/ cream, and an Atkins bar
And if you order now, we include, at no extra charge,
Monster w/ protein - back on track...yay!


  1. May your days be merry, and bright!
    And to all a good night!

  2. Stir fry is one of my favorites. You are very kind to share you ideas with all of us.

  3. TechnoBabe - you are kind, and I love your comments and support! Thanks!

  4. Whatever do the noodles smell like?

    Love the updated pic on the left side.

  5. Thanks - that pic was taken just this morning....
    Sporting my new size medium scrubs!
    Kinda loose-fitting, eh?

    The noodles smell like some kind of fish, maybe?
    Maybe it's just my perception! *pffft!*
    They are in the refrigerated section of the store
    I guess for good reason.

    They taste "neutral" but have a firm texture.
    I didn't finish it, if that's a hint...

  6. What is that? Self ... pretzling? popcicle-ing? Self-direction?

    Look who's posing! The black ... it's very slimming. You're like a sliver of your former self. Way to go, Anne!

    The dinner ... what's not to love there? maybe the aroma of tofu noodles.
    I think I'm going to have to "fry" ... *we* call it sautee-ing ... some grape tomatoes in balsamic to put on my salad instead of just plain.

  7. Love stir frys, and love how you eat so healthy Anne, real cute picture of you on side bar......:-) Hugs

  8. I will pass on the noodles. I only like fish to smell like fish.

  9. I rinse them really good, then boil them for 3 minutes, drain and pat dry ...... I think it is worth the trouble, but I can understand the smell bothering you.

  10. Gosh, you are a sliver of your former self, as Karen said. Do they tailor scrubs?

    I bought some of those noodles once and never got brave enough to try them. Ended up throwing them out after the expiration date - tsk! tsk!

    Here's what I think the sign says - drink, eat, change your diaper, and get on down the road. ;)

  11. I just listened to your Belly Achers song...you have a great voice and it made me laugh! A real you-tube sensation!

  12. Anne, love stirfys, love your photo on the side. you have done so so well. and are doing it. keep it up.

  13. Yeah, normally the smell doesn't bother me at all!
    And it did wash away, as per the instructions.
    I'm sure it's worth the effort!

    The sliver - hehe - thanks, y'all!
    Not quite there yet, - still slivering, eh?
    I'm focusing on getting stronger and healthier, too.

    There are many activities I've missed out on,
    and now, who knows!
    Maybe I'll get a chance to be an active participant!

  14. Looking very svelte!! Good for you. I tried some soy noodles a while back, and while they were tolerable, I wasn't anxious to eat them on a regular basis. I was supposed to wash and thoroughly dry them before use. I didn't notice a smell, but the texture left something to be desired. :(

  15. Those noodles do have an interesting aroma and texture. I keep trying to get used to them but still haven't made it yet.

    That is the weirdest sign ever. What does it mean?

  16. I've used those noodles. LOL Nice way of putting it, yeah. LOL If I want more protein, it's not a bad choice.

    I do crunches or chair dancing while driving a lot.


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