08 April 2010

in the closet

Took the sliding doors off the closet.
Installed these wood supports.
Filing cabinet on one end and a lamp =
A little desk!
*Gratuitous shot of Monster LC coffee flavored energy drink*
Second sliding closet door up above, 
where a narrower shelf was.
A perfect fit was had by all!
More storage for seasonal items, and a place for papers and books.
Instant coffee containers hold screws and nails.
The trusty step ladder has a 200 pound limit....
No longer a concern for me!

Trying to eat a little more protein
Eggs w/cheese fried right in & chipotle sauce 
Tuna salad w/lots of goodies & dressing on the side

Monster w/protein x2 today
When I'm active I might need 80 - 100 grams per day.
Maybe I just wasn't getting enough protein.
Or maybe it's gluconeogenisis from too much protein.
Either way, it keeps me from falling out, I guess.
Water, coffee x2 (one w/sf hot chocolate)
Salad, eggs, atkins bar, (heavens they're tasty!)

Disney's "Enchanted" 
Happy Working Song
YouTube Video


  1. Just singing and working away...
    Yep - that's me alright!

  2. Well here we are again Anne, in the middle of the night. I like your closet idea. a great desk area.
    Glad you added more protein, just might be what the nurse ordered. goodnight Anne, I am on my way very soon. take care. Be well.

  3. Love what you did with your closet, you really are handy with those tools.....hope the protein helps.......:-) Hugs

  4. What a smart and clever idea with the closet!!! Your salad looks great. I am so thankful that I like salad. Have a great day Anne!! It's almost the WEEKEND!!

  5. You are an awesome tenant. I hope your landlord knows what a prize you are now and not just when you move out some day.

  6. Why thank you!
    When I do move out, all the nail holes are filled
    with spackling paste, and the caulk is new....carpet clean....
    Better than when I moved in.

    I'm not OCD about cleaning and organizing,
    but I DO have good skills in both areas!

  7. You've got SKILLS!!

    You are totally tempting me even more to turn my open closet into a desk area...


  8. I love your closet desk! We converted two of our apartment closets when we moved in two years ago to accomodate our needs as well. When we move out the only sign of us being here will be the drywall the kitty has rubbed off the kitchen/hallway wall. It's her favorite scratching & rubbing point.

  9. Love the mini workstation!

  10. Well done! I like someone who likes to organise stuff! *smiles*

  11. I would like to know where you get the instant coffee in those containers. I have not seen a container like these.

  12. TechnoBabe - they are Taster's Choice Instant Coffee containers.
    I love the Gourmet Roast.
    I lived in Europe and all around - this coffee is the best/for me.
    They are not too easy to find, though!

  13. Tres Impressive! Your closet renovation is really cool. You do, indeed, have skillz!!! Do you hire out???

  14. My desk, computer and printer are all in my living room closet!!!

    Love how you worked your desk space out. You are one clever lady!

  15. Now how or WHY would you ever be in the closet? I suppose if it was as nice as this one ...
    You did a wonderful job, Anne! Looks fantastic.

  16. Why thank you kindly, *Fit©ete®a* !!
    Just some more of my mad skillz!

    Vraz - Why yes, I do "hire out," as a matter of fact!
    Book early - there's a long waiting list!


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