01 May 2018

one fast cat

My dear friend Pete
Once again came to my rescue 

And helped me assemble this 
Cat Treadmill ! 

A friend on FaceBook
Sent me an older FitBit
That she no longer used. 

I had a half day off yesterday 

I wanted to walk, 
But I cringed just to imagine
My feet striking the pavement! 
I think my broken leg is largely healed, 
But the changes in weather
Do tend to show up. 

Butter Chicken sampling
With authentic spices

The dreaded RED EAR! 
I haven’t had that for months! 

Pete came over to have dinner
.... Our weekly get-together...
But I was so tired, 
I actually could not eat! 
So we make plans for later,
And I made plans to never 
work 14 days in a row- 
Never again!


  1. It’s actually more like I helped him!
    Pete did most of the assembly. ❤️

  2. Ha! I bought one of those too, but have had any success in training my Fat Cats to use it...


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