15 May 2018

a day off

Got off work early. 
I’ve been planning this meal! 
A meal is not a reward. 
But when you’re fasting,

Once you’ve reached your goal,
For me- it’s time to quit when you
End up fixated on food thoughts. 

Quick check. 
The 40 is Hematocrit 
Which I use to test viscosity. 
This is a little high. 
So my Blood Glucose 
Would be a little lower fasted. 

My fave Boston Market. 

My fave Pino Noir. 

Predictably up. 
I also had Sweet Potatoes 
And too too sweet corn bread. 
Which is more like cake, actually. 

Down. But look at the 25. 
That’s a little low. 
Too concentrated. 
So this number would be a little higher. 

So THIS happened today. 
I realized I am done with some things. 

Done with drinking wine. 
Except for special occasions. 
It doesn’t deliver what I was looking for. 

I’m done with having clothes that don’t fit. 
Or people that don’t fit. 

I gave up on no less than 3 people 
Just this month. 
They mean me no harm. But...
They mean me no good. 
So out they go. 
And I’m not sad or mad about it. 
Just time to quit watching
For them to change. 
They’ve proven they won’t. 

Some people have the nervous system 
Of a cat. You can only “pet” them
When they want to be interacted with. 
The rest of the time, 
They are under the couch of life. 

Lol. But then they freely romp around. 
You never know which end you’ll get! 

Lol. This is funny!
And true. 

So it’s time to clean up 
Up in here! 

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  1. I used to LOVE me some Boston Market cornbread, but it’s now too sweet (as you say, like cake!)
    And I’ve pretty much had to give up alcohol too, it don’t like me no more...


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