06 May 2018

gloves coming off

Walking before work is my new thing. 
Plus Sunshine. Good thing. 

Nothing stellar- just a quick 
“Non-sweaty” walk around the block. 

Blue Skies and Low Carb Pies. 
I loved that blog. 
I wonder what happened. 

Some parts of Dallas 
Are quite hilly! 
Good for my leg training. 

I’ve fully adapted to picking up extra days at work. 
Even though I said “never again” just last week. 

How hard does something have to be
Before we quit? 
Are we- a group of Fatties- 
Are we always looking for the easy way? 

I have a nurse friend who said 
She got hungry when she fasted. 
Well. Not shit! 
Probably was trying to save money
By not using good quality water. 
Or maybe ate too many “bites”
And threw herself out of ketosis.
One ounce of cheese - about 100 calories 
Is the MAX I would eat for a nibble. 
If you’re going to eat- then eat. 
Or you get the worst of both worlds. 
Not the best of both worlds. 
You kick yourself out of ketosis
And start burning muscle. 
Not fat. 
Exactly what we don’t want. 

Fasting is tough. 
And it makes you tough. 

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  1. I always picture Dallas as the big city in the opening credits of the TV show Dallas :) I forget it is also quite rural and undeveloped in some areas.

    It's on my bucket list :)


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