26 May 2018

still no word

The food at Ramadan is spectacular. 
This is Spicy Goat, Spicy Chicken, 
More Creamy Cucumber. 
And of course Rice and Rota. 

Rice Pudding with Cardamom. 
Just about 2 ounces. 
I didn’t bother taking my blood glucose. 
 I’m sure it would be high 
Because of the stress and cortisol. 

Midway through the day I already had 
like 8,000 steps. 
It was closer to 10K when I got home. 
That’s the 2nd highest since I broke my leg. 

Which was 3 years ago today. 

So pretty. I was very calm 
About Trekkie going missing.
Er ... Um... Being stolen. 
I was able to focus and work. 
Everyone else is freaking out. 
But I’m calm. 

Reenactment of me
Discovering my car was stolen. 
It’s gone. Don’t lose your shit! 
It’s already gone. 
Stay calm and formulate a plan. 

The little starter car they gave me
Is like “Bare Bones” 
But I’m not complaining-
It’s just a stripped-down rental
With no real redeeming features. 
Except it gets ya from 
Point A .... to Point B. 
Hyundai Sonata 101. 

Never did find the Cat Folder. 

The family gave me a pretty Hijab 
To make up for the ones that were stolen. 

I’ve decided to cancel my vacation 
Since the Bad Guys have my
Trip Itinerary. Which was in a bag in my car. 
I can’t imagine 
Trying to enjoy a vacation 
With this worry on my mind. 
It would cause more stress to be gone. 
I guess it just happens that way 
From time to time. 

Onward and .... 
The spin. The economy. The fuck of it all. 
And down a pound, actually. 
So there’s that. 


  1. I have that cat folder too, sadly no cat songs or pics

  2. Aw man, I wouldn’t cancel your vacay! I’m sure the thieves just sent yr car for a quick buck to Mexico, there’s no profit in stalking...


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