08 May 2018

a tangled web

Diabetic Cat stays right by the water. 
I have about 4 bowls all around for him. 

And just like that- 
It’s summer!

Started checking AC. 
This is 24 hours fasted. 

Summertime. And the living is easy. 

Just protein and salad. 

People are crazy about this. 
Sriracha Mayo. It’s pretty spicy!

Nothing on earth is easier! 

When you fast.... fast. 
And when you eat.... EAT! 

The Boss with water bowl #3
Which he waits and watches for every day. 

If I’m not fast enough, he licks the sink!
He tries to get in the shower with me! 


I had a friend in High School 
Write this little stanza. 
I remembered it all these 40 years:

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive. 
BUT when we practice again and again,
It is a PERFECT web we spin!”

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