19 May 2018

fast breaking

At the Mosque after fasting all day. 
About a cuof rice, half a roti, 
VERY spicy chicken, and cucumber yogurt 

This little dessert was about 2 ounces. 
I’m looking for its name 
So I can always remember it. 

As if on cue, the Cresent Moon appears 
At Iftar... time to break the fast. 

They gave me this very nice lantern. 

The day-long dry fast
Is broken with Dates and Water. 

This picture is from the Mosque’s
Facebook page. I didn’t take it. 

Henceforth, this. 
About 2 hours PP. 
I have not seen readings this high since.... 
I considered myself to be 
Full blown Diabetic. 
I was pretty low on water,
As the Hct shows. 
It’s normally around 36%

It was such a memorable event. 
Such joy! 
Ramadan lasts about a month. 
They eat like this at the Mosque 
Fridays and Saturdays. 

I was working, so I didn’t want to 
fall out at work. 
It has happened before. 
It’s already 90F At 10 am. 

I brought some water, but the lid came off,
And spilled in the car. 
So I didn’t have any Crazy Water. 
I had 8 ounces of SJ 
And 8 oz regular water. 
So it wasn’t a real dry fast. 
But close! 
I didn’t have a morning meal
Before the fast. 

I always The the Mom
Fix my Hijab. 

I sat in the “old lady room”
Because I am not able 
To get up and down from the floor. 
I can’t sit cross leg style either. 

The morning after - yikes! 
I know “slow starches” are slow. 
But this is not what I was looking for! 

Most of the people in the family I see
Are Diabetic. On Insulin or Metformin. 
So many grains. 
Any grains are too many, it seems. 
Well, for me, at least. 

And I gained a little under 2 pounds. 
I’m sure it’s water. 


  1. Chicken Tikki Biryani perhaps... still looking for the name of the dessert.

  2. I hear the name of the yogurt cucumber dish is “Riata”. It was good, and I usually don’t like that much cuke!

  3. Oooh, I love raita (but then again, I love cucumbers) - now you’ve got me jonesing for Indian food!

  4. Raita is very similar to tatziki.


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