03 May 2018

rainy day, people

I love the rain. 
Some of my fondest memories 
Are from rainy days. 

I love the smell of the air. 

I love the way the room gets dark! 
I’m playing baroque music 
Having  a sense-sational time! 

 Cup of hot tea would hit the spot. 
Already getting my steps. 
I love my (new to me) FitBit! 

Clown clothes. 
This must stop. 


Don’t forget the neck stretch! 
We take care of the Décolletage, 
And the Décolletage 
Will take care of us! 


  1. I have the same Fitbit. Didn’t wear it on vacation so I will have to charge it and put it on today. Texas rain was awesome. I was there for the storm in West TX.

  2. I need to get rid of a couple of sets of “old favorite” scrubs which I’ve shrunk out of, but I just can’t bear to part w/‘em (yet)!


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