30 April 2018

o period t period

One great thing about pediatric nursing 
Is that kids love to go outside 
For a walk. Bonus for Nursie! 

When I work my ass off
Oops- I meant A$$...
I get stressed internally. 
Textbook Raynaud’s. 

A love offering from a baby sister. 
Glove Love, I guess. 

My Henna from the other day
Is already fading. 

Blue blockers. 
Also, I limit my night screen exposure 
To just about nothing. 

I have worked like a million
Days in a row. 
Thank you, nurses who call in! 
I’m happy to swoop in and help. 

Last time I worked this many days 
In a row, I was kooky. 
Walking sideways. 
This time, I’m smarter! 

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