06 May 2018

gloves are off

I’m not sure if it’s 
Stubbornness or immaturity 
Or entitlement.... or denial...
But we Fatties tend to want 
“One Last Meal” 
Before we start a new phase. 
Which is almost always 
A total crock of shit! 

A sister of a patient asked me
If she could be a gymnast one day. 
She’s at the tender age of 12. 
So she knows BullShit
When she hears it. 

So I tell her. “Yes. 
But you’ve got to want it. 
And work for it. 
And having some talent doesn’t hurt.”

That same day, I had a Nurse 
Ask to look at my “before” pictures. 
She asked me why I Fast. 
I told her about the insulin spikes. 
She nearly fell on the floor in shock.
Like I once did!  Says I, 
“The same grit and determination 
You are using to get through 
Nurse Practitioner School
Is the same mind set 
I apply to weight loss. 
And that is why I’ve been 
reasonably successful.” 

She’s got at least 100 pounds to lose. 
But that’s doable. 
Fasting never fails. Done right. 

I’ve helped patients with 
Wounds - and helped save a couple
Of legs from amputation! 

Why do so many 
“Seasoned Low Carbers”
Tend to regain all the weight they lost 
And then some? 
It’s always “then some”

I love how we think rules don't apply to us. 
Maybe we think we can get by. 
Maybe it seems overwhelming 
So we say “Eff it!”

Maybe it’s generally a lack of purpose? 
Like long term direction or goals? 

Instead of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
We need “Fat Bitch, Skinny Bitch!”

Any thoughts? 


  1. I honestly think most people (me included) see weight loss as finite. So once they get to a certain number, it's ok to go back to what you did before. NO. To keep the weight off you have to keep doing what you did to lose it. "it's a lifestyle change" sounds cliche because its so overused. But its the truest thing. Also, persistence. Just keeping at it. Not giving in or up.

  2. Right! I also think most of us - myself included - simply eat too much food. Period. End of story.

    1. There is that too and that most people (not me in this case!) are afraid of feeling hungry. Like they will die if they have to wait a few hours for a meal.


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