17 May 2018

day off blues

The big 3

So cute- it never gets old 

Neither does this! 

I’m not a night owl. 
I’m a day owl. 
I like getting up really early. 
Except on my day off. 
Then I sleep in- till 8 or so! 
It’s so quiet! And pretty. 

So I’ve been very strict this week 
and am already down 
nearly 5 pounds in a week. 

I think the best fast breaker might be eggs. 
I mean for the times you just need a snack. 

Edited To Add:
About an hour PP!
Same Hematocrit-
So unless I grew a batch of 
Red Blood Cells suddenly,
The viscosity is about the same. 

Free advice of the week: 
If you snack, while fasting, 
Keep it under 200 calories. 
Use the “training wheels” when you need them. 
Especially when it keeps you from breaking the fast. BUT when you refeed, really eat! 
[But don’t binge]
Or you’ll be too hungry to fast more. 

The mighty and humble egg! 
Low Carb, Moderate Protein 
Moderate Fat, and very filling. 
Especially cooked withButter 
And topped with Cheese. 

Amazing what Fasting can do. 
With OMAD, I learned 
I need about 800 calories a day. 
Maybe 1000 if I walk. 

I never would have thought it! 
Everything I learned in Nursing School 
Is turned upside down. 
🐍 Everything! 🐍

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  1. And after a 3 day stall, I am down 3 pounds!
    Snake On, Fatties!


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