22 May 2018

onward and downward

Woot woot! 
New scrubs! 

Medium pants. 
Next comes the medium top. 

Got tired of looking like a bag of rags. 
I’m ready to lose the weight I gained 
When I broke my leg. 
3 years ago. 

Still getting a walk in every day. 
Hoping for 2 walks. 
But I was so tired I went to sleep
For a nap and didn’t wake up till later! 

I found this picture from 2012 
When I still lived at the Hen House. 
I’ve always fasted here and there. 
Now and again. 
But Snake Juice makes it so much easier! 

No big Monday meal yesterday. 
I ate enough on Friday and Saturday 
for Ramadan - to hold a camel over. 

And I am in the early phase
Where you lose about a half pound
To a pound a day. 

When I reach my goal,
I dont want to ever go back   
And now, with Snake Juice, 
I never have to. 
Tired of doing this. 
At least it wasn’t more than a 
15 to 20  Bounce. 

The Low Carb Cruise is in full swing ,
And I am not on the boat. 
Someone needs to address maintenance. 
Transition to maintenance
Was always where I made my errors. 
I simply couldn’t get there
Without fasting. 
Extended fasting and low carb in between 

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