13 May 2018

happy Mother’s Day

My dear Mother would have been
So proud of my weight loss. 
She was small. They called her
“Skinny Grandma!”

Just about the largest pot
I have ever seen 
Outside of a restaurant. 

Preparing for Ramadan. 
Preparation is everything! 

Blood glucose readings still 
Slightly higher than I like 
First thing in the morning. 

Stepping in high cotton. 
Or medium cotton. 
Or asphalt and concrete. 

Most people spend more time and effort 
Planning a vacation-
Than we do planning a life. 

We get to middle age and wonder
What happened!

I guess we think something magic
Will show up and rescue us. 
From the crappy life we made. 

Like weight loss. Health. 
Something magic happens. 
Or so we think. 
Miraculously we are separated 
From the consequences 
Of years of action. 
Or inactivity. 

I see his in other people, 
And I want to slap them,
And wake them up. 
But I do it, too. 

Is it immaturity?
No coping skills? 
Ego stuff? 

Snake On, Fatties! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 


  1. Cute!!!
    My mother has progressively lost weight as she has aged (86 now) with no intensive effort until she now resembles her mother, my own skinny lil’ grandma! I need to blog about family history; that would be a nice neutral topic w/info I can preserve for my son...

  2. Great idea!
    The only time my mother was heavy was when the Docs had her on Prednisone. I think she got all the way up to a 12.
    Bless her loving heart- she died at 82 - suddenly.
    I miss her every day !


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