12 May 2018

now what

The fries. They did not like me. 
This is from the next morning. 
“Slow starches” are just that. 
They keep releasing and releasing...

I’ve had Sweet Potatoes and did ok. 
Even the Red Waxy ones. 
Maybe it’s a question of enzymes...
Since I’ve not had these since forever 

This is still 24 hours later. 
I’m Snake Juice Fasting 
Before and after the meal. 

Very little difference 
Considering I’m fasting here. 

I expected a bigger drop. 

Speaking of drop -
I fear these pants will soon 
be on the ground! 

These scrubs are Large. 
Time to retire them
And go back to Mediums. 

I’m now off OMAD 
And doing some extended fasting. 
It worked well for me to break my fast
Twice a week. 
Going any longer was hard for me. 
I guess I work too many hours. 
And it’s already so hot outside, 
I get zero steps in
When I get weak and woozy. 
Fasting is not about being weak and woozy. 

For me, 72 and 96 hour Fasts 
Work just as well. 
Even 48s. 

Snake On, Fatties! 


  1. Fasting is about being (not so) large and in charge! If you get weak and woozy during a fast, you’re doing it wrong. Stop, break the fast and start again. Figure out what went wrong - and why. And fix it.
    The first 24 hours will be hard.
    No one is going to argue that.
    Once ketosis kicks in, you will be happy!
    Much happier!

  2. My Mother’s Day present is a Bed Jet: a mini fan system for the bed which should dry off the night sweats & help me sleep cool & comfortable without dialing down the thermostat as summer comes boiling on!
    Hubby & I took bikes out yesterday afternoon in the heat & I must’ve gotten slightly dehydrated - even though I woke up briefly in middle of the night, I did NOT have to get up to empty ye olde bladder! Slight headache this AM as I slug down extra water.
    I figured out I was also making my Snake Juice too concentrated which was giving me GI upset.

  3. Ah yes. Snake Juice is tricky. You have to get it just right.
    I have a large ice pack I sleep with on my abdomen. I can’t do the ice water therapy, so this seemed like the next best thing. A fan would be great!


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