09 May 2018

what to expect on low carb with fasting

Wow. I sometimes am taken aback by this. 
So yeah. 
If you eat fast food and processed junk, 
In unlimited amounts,
You will gain weight. 
I’m not sure that works.
Probably some sort of magic. 

If you eat strict low carb, 
You will lose weight and keep it off
As long as you are strict. 

If you are on the high end of low carb, 
Though mostly still low carb...
And have recipes and sugar free treats...
Your labs will still be good, but 
Beware of Carb Creep! 
Also applies if you break a leg etc. 

If you add fasting to a LC lifestyle, 
You get much better results. 

Again. Some magic occurs. 
We have yet to figure out why 
Fasting causes such good results

So next. 


  1. I thought fasting worked because of fewer insulin responses?

    I read The Obesity Code by Jason Fung and that's kind of how he explains it.

  2. Of course! I was being facetious!
    It’s all about insulin and inflammation for sure.


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