20 May 2018

Ramadan days

Another Ramadan meal. 
Goat Rice, Chicken, 
Cashew Butter/ Hummus
Cuke Salad, Roti (bread)

Blonde moment:
I accidentally dropped my spoon,
And had this feeling to not ask for another....
So I used a Banana peel
As a spoon/ scoop. 

I only ate a few bites of Rice,
A nibble of a Date,
I ate and chewed really slowly ....

Chai Latte Tea
Authentic- but no sweetener...

Cashew Fingers
Probably had almond or coconut flour

And behold!
111 at 2 hours PP!

Dough in the hair. 
 Yesterday, it was Pink Slime. 
In the hair. Yep! 
The joys of working Pediatrics!

Better keep the hijab on. 

My reward is a gentle night
And some quiet music 
At the end of the long week!

May Peace Be Upon You! 

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