31 May 2018


Trekkie is found!
Great news!

She was found abandoned
About a mile from my home. 

The Police found her last week,
But because of the holiday weekend,
I just found out yesterday. 

I hoped the “bad guys” had had
A change of heart. 
I hoped they just pulled over and walked away. 
It’s not worth jail time. 

Apparently, that’s what they did. 

I meet with the insurance adjuster today 
To assess the damage. 
Jake from State Farm- 
Do your thing! 

I’m having them haul the car to 
Have them inspect it
Before I take possession. 

I also want it detailed. 
I don’t want any DNA 
Or dog hair or drugs 
Or anything else in that cute car. 

Right now, I’m not sure if Trekkie 
Is trashed- or unscathed. 

We’ll see!
Yay for the Dallas Police 
And yay for Trekkie!


  1. That’s wonderful! Hope she is not badly damaged... “No DNA”, har har!!!


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