29 May 2018

work a day

Cheesecake from Sugarless deLite
Everything in the store is 100% sugarfree

Hot summer days already 

One good thing about the car being stolen. 
I always take the garage door opener 
Inside with me. Every night. 
Think about how easy it would be 
For some bad guys to 
Gain access to the house! 
So be safe. 
And never leave your fob in the car. 

Junk junk junk. 

It all ends up here 
In one form or another. 

I’m pretty tired. 
I need to sleep
But there’s so much to do. 

Still managed to take a walk this morning.
And I’m on plan. 
Still fasting. I’m a good faster. 
But not always a good Snaker. 
I love my herbal tea. 
No gain. No loss. 
Just steady. I like steady! 

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