03 May 2018

one day more

Corporate people baffle me. 
I’m the opposite of corporate 
In every way. 
I don’t see how they sleep at night. 

“Good morning. 
Our records show that you will be 
out of compliance with your annual training. 
If you have not completed this whole day 
Of blah blah blah, you will
Not be allowed to work starting this Saturday...”

And this is the first I’m hearing of it. 
They don’t even give you a heads up! 
Now. If everyone has the same problem 
Um.... maybe they could set up
A way to alert people to the deadline!??

So no day off. 

That’s ok! 
I’m not worn out! 
Fasting is like the Fountain of Youte. 
Even One Meal A Day 

I’m amazed that even a crappy meal
Doesn’t rise my blood glucose 
When I only have OMAD. 
I don’t want to torture myself
And disrupt my sleep. 
So when I end up working this many hours,
I drop back to OMAD. 
It’s too hard to fast after-  what -
15 days on? Long hours. 
And I’m not exactly a Spring Chicken. 
As many of my Nurse friends 
are quick to point out. 

Every time I try this at the office
They’re like “counseling statement”
And “Get off my desk!”


  1. To be fair, I’m not sure many of the Office People.... well sometimes...they’re not very smart.
    Sorry-just an observation.
    And I mean all companies I’ve ever worked at.
    I never thought I would miss the Army. At least they ran like a quintessential well-oiled machine. Mostly. Especially the larger bases, like Fort Bragg, where I went to Nursing School.

  2. Hahaha I agree although I am an "office person" ;)

  3. Enz! Lol. I think it’s more like their hands are tied. No one can change the system - and everyone agrees it’s broken.


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