30 May 2018

neighborhood watch

Actual footage of me 
Telling the police exactly what happened. 

The city’s finest. 

I actually love the Dallas PD
And feel glad they are near. 
They all have “beats” in the neighborhood. 
I love having a Dallas address
For this very reason. 

So I went to the neighborhood 
Home Owner slash Crime Watch Association, 
And voted myself into a Board Position! 
I want to take a more active part
In the neighborhood. 
Since I’m going to be here a while. 

Life is good when you don’t feel helpless. 
Or hapless. 

Still no word on Trekkie. 
I hope she’s OK. 


  1. Trekkie probably is in old Mexico sipping bad gas and puttering around. I saw my old car there a few times coughing and hacking. 😞

  2. I bought a Subaru Ouback last year...one thing about it it is so technologically advanced. It is always yelling at me! Anywhho, I was just wondering if Subaru could somehow locate it for you? To me, my car seems to be a giant computer on wheels. It has no problem telling me where to go...can it tell you where it is when it is lost? Well, it would be nice if it could, anyway. Though, Dallas' Finest have probably thought of that.

    I really love my Outback and I would be sad if someone stole it. I really feel for you.

  3. Left Dallas 4 years ago and miss the DPD. They don't build special forces like that everywhere.


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