02 January 2012

a S.A.D. story

The Standard American Diet....
Pre-weight loss/ non-binge:
McDonalds, cokes, donuts, candy, candy bars,
pizza, breadsticks, booze, etc.
Note the Omega 666!
About 66 grams! That's alot!
PUFA - Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids...
Where the Omega 3 and 6's come from.
The only true Essential Fatty Acids!

Now comes the Standard LoCarb diet.
The one like I did for the first 2 years.
And lost a tone of weight with!
6 strips of bacon, 6 eggs, blocks of cheddar cheese,
walnuts, peanut butter, avocado, mayo, grain-free,
ground beef, sour cream, heavy whipping cream, sweeteners. 
BUT - look at the pufa's.... 66!!
The ratio is better - yes...
But with these numbers, the ratio is kinda moot point.
10% total pufa average - on my previous low-carb diet.
There was a time - I would brag about this.
No more!

Now compare that to a LoCarb, low pufa diet!
The one I am trying here for 100 days, or 2 years...
which ever comes first! 
It takes at least 2 years for pufa's to leave your body!
so my original experiment of 100 days - might be a little short sighted!
Winking smile
My diet now would include salmon most days, 
ground beef some days, grass-fed when possible...
no veggie oils, some butter, again - grass-fed when possible,
some coconut oil, some tallow,
no heavy Omega 6's, low fructose,
low dairy, gluten-free, legume free,
occasional starch, minimal sweeteners....
As much like Paleo/Primal as I dare to call myself!

Eat as much Real Food as possible....no - wait....
Let me put that another way!
As much as possible - Eat Real Food!


  1. Happy 2012! Glad to see you still at it, Anne.

    The idea of McDonalds makes me queasy these days. That's a shift, huh? One I'm sure glad I made.

  2. Love it, Anne. I've got to brush up on my fats though. I'm still not up on the differences.

  3. Thats been my goal for the last year or so, eat real food as often as possible. Some days I do better than others, but when I THINK about it..I do so much better!

  4. I'm lost, what is PUFA? Is that a new rapper whose album just went platinum?? Seriously, tweet me with what is is please.

  5. Yes, the rotten junk I used to fill up on wasn't food. It didn't nourish. Real food...the way to go for sure

  6. I love real food, not the processed stuff. Sweets I'm still working on. That shrimp dish looked awesome. Take care of yourself Anne.

  7. Love how you turn the last sentence into a sensible one.
    Yes. Here, here. Real Food.

  8. looks like whole, solid food to me. Good stuff anne.

  9. I am not the best cook in the world so I lived for fast food but that shrimp looks awesome. Yum.


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