01 January 2012

happy nude year

Some "chili" with Pepper Jack cheese

Soft Boiled eggs with 3 slices of bacon....
That was lunch....or brunch!

And some Nirvana...to start the New Year out right!

Or this! If you are so inclined!
Dear Lonely Miss....

Eat Salmon for "good luck"....
And a sweet potato!
and a few modest cranberries....
Add some Truvia to be sure!

My blood sugar was 103 ....even with all this food!
So it shore is a happy day!
Happy Nude Year to One and All!!!


  1. I hear the shooting ---so it MUST be midnight!!
    Look better nekkid in 2012!!!
    Happy NUDE year!

  2. Is it a coincidence that my wife and I were watching Anne of Green Gables as the new year rang in? Who knows...happy new year, Anne!

  3. Happy New Year....I want to thank you for your support and encouragement throughout 2011, for having the time to comment right from the start of my year...it has been so very much appreciated. xxxx Have a happy and healthy 2012 xxx

  4. Happy New year! Don't get in too much trouble. lol.

  5. Happy New Year, Anne! I wish you the best! I had bacon and eggs for lunch too. That chili looks delicious. I love Monterrey Jack cheese. Had some on a salad today.

  6. I already do look better naked than in 2010....but no one but hubby and my doc will be seeing the saggier, crinklier, but also more muscular and leaner Princess> :D

    Happy New Year, my dear. Keep making us chuckle. And dang, now I want me some bacon and eggs. Sheesh.

    Be well...

    (PS...have you heard from Katschi? I know Bike and Butter blog was removed, but does she have another one? I was thinking about her today and wanted to leave a bloggy happy message for 2012...and can't find her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  7. Happy New Year, Anne. Love your blog. :)

  8. Happy New Year Anne H! Here's to the best year of our lives yet!!

  9. Happy New Year, Anne! Look forward to keeping an eye on you! Michele

  10. Yes, Happy Nude Year. Keep us smiling, Anne!

  11. Look better nekkid in 2012!!!

    Ha! Love this.

  12. Nudes? WHere are the nudes??

    Happy New Year!

    Moved my blog to>

  13. 6 eggs! Wow that's a lot, but it sure looks yummy.

  14. Happy New Year, yep I'm late lol but still here :) missed ya! Those soft boiled eggs did look yummy to me too :) Matter of fact all your food looked good :) *hugs*


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