19 January 2012

reset button

Well, HI There, Blogging People!
I guess time went on by without me.
I was lost in a little time warp.

Ground Beef, Red Peppers, Onions
Sauteed Yellow and Green Zucchini Squash..
Still super-chewing my food... very tedious - that!

And two protein shakes today....
I can't / don't eat at work... and that's ok! 
Except for Protein Shakes!

I mix the shakes in Coffee or Green Tea.... yum!
I even put some Knox Gelatin in there while it's still hot!
Very good that way.

Cross Fit was great tonight, and I did very well.
80 pound Dead Lift. That counts the bar, too.
I think I could Dead Lift all day.

400 meter run... planks, bridges - that's every day...
Then squats, push-ups, kb swings, ring rows....

Avg HR 141 for over an hour.
MAX HR was over 180.
I turned red and got sweat everywhere.
Not the cold clammy sweat like a person who is dying.
But the real work-out sweat!
I never sweat. Till now!

Left out later tonight...stayed to listen to the next class
talk about Paleo! How fun is that!

Hope y'all are doing great!


  1. Before I enlarged the first photo, I was thinking "hey, who threw trash on her floor??"

    Sounds like you had a great workout... feeling all better now, I hope?

  2. CrossFit machine you!!! I had me some zucchini tonight too...crusted with Parmesan cheese. My new favourite.

  3. I'm going to try your warm protein drink trick.

    1. I learned the hard way.... don't let it go above 130 ish degrees....
      Or you will have curds and whey on your hands!

  4. Sweat rules! Fat cries...right?

  5. You're doing great with your cross fit. Sounds tough!

  6. What a great workout, Anne. Good for you!

  7. You never fail to impress me!!

  8. Good exercise. Good eats. :D

  9. I've been reading again, recently, and I have missed you! Love your style of posting and the way you view the world. Love it! Thanks for sharing your days and thoughts. :)

  10. Keep rocking it! :-) Love me some deadlifts too!


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