29 January 2012

go figure

Got stuck at work last night...
It wasn't a total waste  -
This person was on tv.
I think she ushered in a new era!

I'm curious - this book was dated 1997/8

Hello? Heeeellllllo!
My bad - it's a thermometer!

Lots of pretty blue skies these days... January in Texas.
Time for a walk and some errands!


  1. I remember that diet book! I tried it too. You cannot imagine how many carbs I was able to stuff into my body in the one hour period I was allowed each day. All day long I was as good as gold. When my "hour" rolled around, I was off like a shot and eating ice cream and pizza and lots of yummies. Did I lose weight? Heck no but it was fun for a couple of weeks. :)

  2. January in Texas is allot different than January here, buy one thing we share is blue skies today. Gorgeous day now that the snowfall has stopped. Great day to look to the skies!


  3. I read that book too and tried that diet. Who is the girl on the first picture?

    January in Vegas? I opened the windows when I woke up this morning. Nice out!

    1. Sorry to leave that out... her name is Rachael Flatt...
      A figure skater!

  4. Hi Anne, Happy Sunday. I've been on the run lately and not around much but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you. I hope you're doing okay and enjoying the gorgeous day.
    xo jj

    1. Thinking of you! And how nice you are.... You are smart, too!

  5. Funny I read this book back in 1998 or a previous version of it....at that time doctors basically told me there was nothing wrong with me and I must be eating more than I realised. Right. Long story - too much to go into in a comment, but....it's good to see the medical profession finally accepting metabolic disorders and insulin resistance as real medical issues that affect weight gain/loss.

  6. I think I remember Oprah having them on as guests, trying the carbohydrates addict "diet" for a while, and deciding she couldn't live without bread... it was toooo haaarrrddd. ;-)

  7. RIGHT - I hear stuff like that all the time... one of the very things that keeps sooo many people stuck. HOW DAMN GOOD CAN IT BE? It's just BREAD, people. It's not solid gold. It's just yukky sticky gluten. And it hates us.... Well - same of us - at any rate!

  8. Well gee, if it WERE solid gold...dangit, I had something smart-alecy to say, but the phone rang and it was a client so I answered, and now that I got back to the blog I forgot what it was!

  9. Hi Anne, I am looking forward to meeting you on vacation!

    I am rereading The Paleo Solution and was reminded that wheat has a molecule that fits in the opiate receptors in our brains... that could expalin why so many of us struggle to give up bread, pasta, and baked goods.


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