04 January 2012

another day

Keep sitting there,  and you just get in the way of an oncoming train!

Wicked traffic cones

Bright hazy

Fun at work

Fun around town

Just now used this... a baby sized food processor...
A good $10 for sure...specially for onions!

Salmon, Brussels Sprouts, Red Peppers, Poblano Peppers,
Onions, and a slice or two of bacon...
I'm into simple dishes these days...
Not alot of ingredients. Not sure if that's 
"good or bad"  - it just is!
Baking things, or making complex dishes seems 
a little over the top to me right now.
I'm just now getting the hang of Meat + Veggie!
With maybe a garnish of color and flavor.
Eye-rolling smile

Still  keeping the pufas at about 4%
Pretty low! Still going past 100 days of Omega 3's.
Guess I need a new name.
"1,000 Points of Salmon" - maybe?


  1. KISS - Keep it Simply Silly! Nothing wrong with simple...at all.

  2. The onions and peppers look so good. I would love to add those to some grilled scallops. I have been craving scallops lately.

  3. Love the pics!
    I've never had a brussel sprout. Might have to give it a try.

  4. Wicked traffic cones -- silly!

  5. Those brussels sprouts look yummo!

  6. I love brussels sprouts, well I'd love all of it!!

  7. I would hire you to cook for me!

  8. :{) I have a moustache too!!! LOL!

    Dinner looks great...I had Brussels tonight too!

  9. Whew, you found my missing traffic cone. I'd like it back. Or I will trade it to you for that plate of salmon deliciousness you have there. Whats it going to be?


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