11 January 2012

the dreaded 5 pounds

The results are in.
And they are not what I had hoped for.
But actually, just what I expected.

My BMI went up from 28.1 to 29.4  since summer.
The BF% also went up... but I put much more faith the BMI... 
because the little scale (Tanita) as good as it is - can only do so much
at 4 pm, after work, with all my clothes on, in the back room, at CrossFit.

Lean mass stayed the same, after a brief mid-summer fling.
 That's muscles.
Fat mass went up. One pound per weigh in.
Thinking smile
Most people ponder and plot and plan to go on diets. 
Maybe they look in the mirror, and shake their head, then shake their fist,
And swear they will never be heavy again.
Cuz they know it is a major undertaking.
One that will one day test the very fiber of their being.
(lol  Winking smile fiber)
Because it never really is just about the food.

When LoCarb found me, it was some kind of Gift from the Universe. 
It just happened after I got stranded
in a snow-storm in the Grand Canyon - whilst on vacation! (link)
And most of the time my Diet is pretty effortless.
Maybe I push myself to go all out in CrossFit.
Maybe I distract myself so as not to eat Holiday Sweeties.
I've written before that I am just now getting started.
Every day - it feels like I'm just now getting started.
Eye-rolling smile
So the two pound gain this last month -
It went hand in hand with upping my carbs!
So much for moving on to Phase 3!
I am not ready for that yet!
And actually, I don't care if I ever am.
Moving on to the next phase as fast as possible - that's not my goal.
Being healthy is my goal.
There are so many good things to eat on Atkins Phase 2...
Non - starchy veggies, etc... and still stay Low PUFA
That it is never a compromise to stay true to LoCarb.
At least I am not doing Very Low Carb any more.
And most days I don't feel like I was 
whipped by a mule..... most days, that is!
Sick smile
So - onward and downward - 
as they say.... Again.... not "a gain"....

Ummm... not that kind of Mass!


  1. It's amazing to me that with all the CrossFit you were doing, that the numbers went UP. But... you said it was experimenting with Phase 3, adding in a little more carbs. Do you mean like sweet potatoes, a little potato here and there, that kind of thing?

    I appreciate you sharing your journey with us, we are all learning as we go.

    1. Sweet Potatoes... a couple of squashes.... nothing I didn't already have last fall...
      just incredible the way things go!

  2. All in good time Anne - you will figure this out. I will tell you that the age hormones wreak havoc with weight & bodyfat no matter how good you eat or how great you are with your workouts. I know from experience & I have had to get even tighter with what I do.. it sucks but it is aging life.

  3. We're always learning and adapting and trying to understand the puzzlement that is a body in transition..trying to change..resistant at times..fighting back at others. It's an adventure, for sure.

    I've seen a few online low-carbers who, as it turns out, end up having to live in induction....and not for loss..just to try and maintain. Phase 3 doesn't happen for some..ever.

    My body is in an iffy phase now. I think it WANTS to regain...and the thyroid is maybe doing a nasty...and I just work through it, keep adjusting.... I already decided I have to live with fruits and cheese. Non-negotiable...so if I live at a higher weight, i will. But I keep reading and learnign and trying. One decides what are negotiables and not..and you can be very happy with your eating at a non-phase 3, which is self-knowledge of great value.

    Me, life without a certain degree of carbs, not having it. Unless there is a truly medical reason why (I go diabetic or something). We make compromises..or don't.

    You'll learn and move and figure out what you need to do to be where you need to be. You will.

    The adventure goes on...

  4. Phase 2 may be where you need to live...Phase 1 may be where I need to live...it is continuous learning experience for us all. Long live low carb!

  5. Keep on doing what you know is good for you. The numbers will get along with you in time. Think healthy, get healthy and stay healthy; you get to define what that is. When in doubt, just poke everyone in sight just for fun.

  6. Im really surprised it went up. What about measurements? Did those change?

  7. I don't think I will ever get to phase 3. I think between 40 and 60 grams is where I will need to stay forever. Closer to 40 to lose and closer to 60 to maintain and I have already realized that I am going to have to start tracking every carb if I want to get back to where I was. It was adding back the carbs that caused my gain between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of us are just special and too sensitive to carbs to eat anywhere near normally. Hang in there, Anne.:)

  8. The Crossfit is messing with you, Anne. But it is so good for you, and something different. The low carbing is nice for me for a change, but not something I could do for long. High cholesterol for me, so I don't need that much fat. But I CAN live without bread and sweets, which goes a long way toward low carb. I so agree that every day is like just getting started. Sigh.

  9. I love how determined you are to know your body. I have no doubt that you've got this, Anne.

    Is that little cutie you?

    1. Yes - first grade in Parochial School...
      I actually wanted to be a Nun!

  10. I don't think I would worry about 5 lbs. although I stay within 2 lbs. of my goal. When I slip like put cream in my coffee, butter on my bagels it only takes a week and the 2 lbs. are back, but I know what I did so I just stop it for a while until I get the urge again. You will be fine my friend, I think you are one of the most disciplined people I know.....:-)Hugs

  11. you are truly awesome you know, and the very fact that you are worrying about 5 measly pounds, shows just how far your have come, and you will again (not a gain)

  12. You are awesome because you never give up and you never stagnate and you never settle!


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