09 January 2012

red ear express

The only thing about cast iron is the clean-up....
Lots of that.

But the stew was so worth it!
Stew is good.... green beans and ground beef,
some onions, and parmesan cheese topping.

Ate about 3 ounces of potato.... mmmm it was great!

Then I got 2 very hot and red ears!
Took my blood sugar... 110.
They both stayed red for over an hour.

I'm getting better at judging a proper portion.
These Mac Nuts are easy to over-eat!
But look  - I didn't eat them all at once!

That's OK given the past few days.
People see me and comment on how good I look in make up.
Well.... I'm not wearing any make up.
Then they are like ..... oh.....  well..... hmmm......
Time will tell. Back to work today!
So we'll see!


  1. I love the makeup comment! You're beautiful!

  2. They prolly think you are wearing rouge on your ears... But Lanie is correct, you're a pretty lady.

  3. Keep on keeping it real! Red ears, could be a new fashion trend worth considering, I mean, someone had to be first to think of the erar ring; why can't you be the first one to think of coloring your ears? Good luck with that if you take the idea further.

  4. I wonder why your ears turned red. Is 110a a bad number? I don't know what's considered high or low.

    You're very pretty!!!

  5. Talk about "listening" to your body ;-)

  6. Good luck at work today, Anne. Don't overdo it. I hope you are feeling much better and that you have a great day.

  7. When I was younger, I would blush at the drop of a hat. Not only was my face red but my ears would be too. My best friend nicknamed me "little purple ears". I don't blush as easily now so haven't experienced the ear thing in a while. Have a great day!

  8. The only nuts I have been eating are dry roasted peanuts and raw almonds. The macs look pretty darn good.

  9. maybe your ears heard something scandalous and are blushing?

  10. I love love Mac nuts... but have to count them out, and prepackage them into little baggies. Totally too easy to over eat them.

    What a cool comment about looking good in make up!! And you aren't wearing makeup! That made me smile for you.

    Did you find out what made your ears turn red?? Sumbunny talkin 'bout you??!!

  11. I saw macadamia nuts at the store and they were $15.99 for the jar...even a rock star like me couldn't pay that much!

    Your skin is just gorgeous and glowing...hello omegas!!!


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