02 January 2012

shrimp pepper potato

Ah - little seeds from living little plants!
How quaint!

I think I would like to plant some pepper seeds
and tomatos and things... to see if they grow!
My neighbor, Pat, reminds me that I took a notion
to do this very thing years ago. 
But back when I was heavy, it was just too much effort
to get up and go water some plant.
Everyday? LOL, right?

These are cooked shrimp... from a party tray.
I warmed them up on the indoor grill.

And added them to this...
Shrimp, poblano peppers, red peppers, onions
and 5 ounces of potato... white Russet potato.

I am not a huge fan of the common potato.
I never had them except as McD french fries.
They weren't something that I would eat on a reglar basis.
I could go 5 years or more without wanting to eat one.
This one sat in my apartment waiting for the time to be right...
for maybe a month now.

Look at the impressive numbers the cute little thing boasts!
Mostly water (this is 125 grams of potato)
Some protein, some sugar, and mostly starch.
The kind that Atkins says to re-introduce to
the diet when you are 15~ish pounds to your goal weight.
Phase 3. Pre-Maintenance.

Red line in the pufa.... no concern at all...
Look at the total pufa 4 grams...
Dang - I need to eat more!
Not to worry - I'm sure I will!


  1. And by the way - I love the potato!
    Added some Celtic Sea Salt... yum!
    Might just do it again next week!

  2. Happy New Year, Anne. Let's have that Farmer's Market wander and cup of coffee soon!

  3. Anne that looks yummy but I am a long way from the maintenance. The potato is one of my favorite foods and one that I am struggling to give up as my mom, my husband, and myself set out on this adventures diet.

  4. Love me some taters, Anne but they are a trigger food for me. I'm going to have to get to my goal, I think before I go on the pre-maintenance plan. I want to be sure I'm at a safe place in case of regain when I add some carbs back in. I'm a little too low on carbs right now, I think. I'm pretty tired out these days.

  5. That looks so tasty!!!

    It will be so cool to have your own little garden. The outside sitting area looks so comfy...we could sit and have a beverage!!!

  6. mmm...poblano peppers...good choice.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to tackle anything when heavy. I feel more like doing yardwork *gasp* did I just say that outloud??!!!

  8. Mmm the shrimp dish is awesome. You show your finished dishes and cooking food so well in your photos.

  9. Mo Poblano Mo Betta

  10. Your shrimp dish sounds lovely. I love shrimps.


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