18 January 2012

blackout blog

"Hip Hop Happy" (my blog's alter ego) will have to wait a day.
As you might have heard, the internet is being 
examined for change by the Government... 

Now I might not agree with what alot of bloggers say.
But I defend their right to say it!
End Piracy.... NOT Censorship!

PLEASE go to google.com (link) TODAY -
There, you will find a link 
To let your voice be heard!

Just say NO!

THIS just in:
I also called my Senator!
Here's a link of all the numbers
and where they stand on the issue!

Thanks,  LowCarb Daily !

Thanks, Anne H
We now return to Hip Hop Happy!


  1. Got it done. Thanks for letting us know about the link.

  2. I was gonna black out my blog today, but I was afraid everybody would like it better than my regular stuff. :(

  3. Oregon rocks! Both of our Senators are going to vote NO. So I called and said thanks!! :-)

    1. love this! Anne! Doug lamborne said today that he is voting no as well..my representative from colorado...free speech should not be legislated away. FIGHT THE POWER! lol..okay, that's as protesty as I get.


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