01 January 2012

many many days of salmon

Since finding out that the Omega 6's have a half-life
that is measured in years.... (that's right)
I might have to extend my original plan.

I have had salmon and/or taken the fish oil for nearly 100 days now.
I have lowered my Omega 6's as well.
It's not always a 1:1 ratio. But about 2:1 average.
The ratio isn't as important as keeping the total lower.
I am down around 5 % total pufa now... most days.
And that means about 5 to 7 grams of pufa's a day.
(Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids)

And I just want to say that I am an unhappy camper!
WOW - I am tired too!
I am getting some labs drawn later this month.
IF my energy hasn't picked up by then,
I am not sure what I shall do.
I also started taking iron. 
Maybe it will kick in soon.

My hair and nails seem stronger. 
I feel stronger, too. Bigger muscles.
I had inadvertently gone VLC
(Very Low Carb) and also LowCalorie.
I am not "carborexic" but it seemed that way!

When you are deep in the heart of ketosis, 
it's common that there is no hunger!
No signal at all. So I kinda went with it!
Many days I would get under 1000 calories.
And sometimes under 10 carbs a day.
That is good... and not so good!
Atkins himself said we should not stay in 
Induction (20 carbs a day) for ever!

So I ramped up the carbs... more non-starchy veggies.
And even a few of the starchy ones!
More or less 40 a day with a few days higher... a few lower.
Atkins himself (I'm not on Atkins "per se!")
like the starchy carbs for Pre-Maintenance..

The conversion of protein to glycogen is ok
It's Nursing school 101... Gluconeogenesis.
But probably good to go out of that from time to time.
The liver and muscles need to get a little help 
from the diet - when it comes to carb intake.

So that's my update!
2012 is off to a great start!


  1. You sure look good for 50! Or was that 51!!! What ever you are doing, it is working, so keep it up! How many years and no major weight gain? You win first place with stats like that, Anne! And Happy 2012!

  2. Since focus and determination are key factors in success, you got this one hands down.

  3. Anne, I will be anxious to hear about your lab work. I hope all is well. I think maybe my carbs are too low too. I'm just not hungry anymore. I eat more now out of boredom. I can't seem to break the habit of just reaching for food when there is nothing else to do. I need to find something more to do with my time.:)

  4. Maybe the lack of energy is your body saying MORE CARBS?
    And I would be very surprised if you had low iron... you seem to eat enough iron rich foods?
    Either way, your lab results should tell you what's going on eh?

  5. Cute pic! Keep doing what you are doing! You will get back to feeling 100%!

  6. Hi Anne, So glad you are checking in on the labs to have a closer look. Better safe than sorry. Hope you perk up soon cuz you sure look GOOD in your photo.

    Hard to believe another year has rolled past but I'm so glad we kept in touch, visited and read with each other all year long. You're one of the good blog peeps and I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy 2012 of blogging with you.

    xoxo jj

  7. You are indeed looking great. I tried the old Stillman's Quick Weight Loss Diet back in the 70's. It was practically no carbs and it made me feel so bad that I quit after five days. I have a friend who did it for 16 weeks and felt great. Guess we're all very different.

  8. Just take care of yourself Anne. If you're not feeling tip top then hopefully lab will tell you what's missing.
    Happy New Year Anne. I hope it's a blessed one!!

  9. Don't go too low lady
    Danger Will Robinson, danger
    Take care of yourself:)
    Happy New Year

  10. I hope you get some definitive answers, and feel perkier soon!

    And sorry to be dense... that last paragraph about...

    "But probably good to go out of that from time to time.
    The liver and muscles need to get a little help
    from the diet - when it comes to carb intake."

    ... confused me. You mean we should lower protein and increase veggies, so we do NOT induce gluconeogenesis, so as to not tax the liver and muscles, but give them a vacation from the conversion process?? Did I get it right??

    Scratching head in Oregon

  11. Loretta - protein does it what it does.
    So my plan is not to lower it.
    My plan is to eat some carbs outright
    To help give some energy and glycogen.
    Cuz that is what carbs do.... iF a person's body
    can handle them, without gaining too much weight.
    And by the way - you are not dense at all!

  12. Ah, got it. Makes sense, thanks for explaining. :-)

  13. Three cheers for getting off to a great start; you do have enough energy for 3 cheers I hope.


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