30 January 2012

a few meal ideas

Salmon, Brussels Sprouts,
Peppers, Onions

Ground Beef Patty with Sauteed Green Beans
A little cheese on top

Poached Eggs with spices

Ham Slices with Eggs and Cheese
Onions and Peppers

More Low Starchy Veggies.... 
Wasn't quite ready for the starchier ones...
Live and learn! No shame in that.

Salmon, Dill Butter, Summer Squash,
Peppers and Onions

Makes great leftovers, too!

Salmon with Shrimp,
Bubbies Fermented Sauerkraut

Ground Beef, Kimchee (fermented sauerkraut)
Avocado, Pepper, Onions

Ground Beef Patty, Brussels Sprouts,
Fermented Sauerkraut, and a hunk of cheese.
I later, fried the cheese (Dill Havarti) 
In Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Bacon and Eggs with Avocado,
Peppers and Onions!

I still have my Protein Shake
Half Concentrated and Half Isolated Whey.
I mix in in Half and Half - best ever!


  1. You've been cooking up some tasty things!! Yum!

  2. Your house must smell wonderful!!!

  3. Some of those meals look pretty darn awesome. You do good Anne, you do.
    Take care and have a blessed day!

  4. oooh - I love zucchini.Chopped up with onions and red peppers, sprinkled with oregano and basil and sauteed. Mmmmm..brussels sprouts. Your pics are making me hungry!!

  5. YUM yum... yep you can cook for me too!

  6. Holy cannoli, these look good. Naturally, I'm on all soft for a couple weeks. I can have the poached eggs and protein shakes, though. :-D
    I'll have to bookmark this post for later.
    LOVE Dill Havarti... never thought to fry it. Hmmmm

  7. These all look really good - especially the eggs. I love eggs!

  8. Great photos and super healthy meals. I am adjusting to preparing food for one again and my meals look similar. Right now poached eggs are my favorite.

  9. You know I'm drooling over the burgers!

  10. You are making me hungry! Yoo have some of the best looking food in blogland!


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