23 January 2012

please to excuse

Salmon leftovers... with grilled onions and squash...
Who says ya can't have "dinner" food for brekkie!

Keep cheese grated... hard-boiled eggs peeled.....
onions chopped..... peppers sliced.....
makes cooking soooo much easier!

Water water water

This kind of thing is never so good..... hmmm....

As you might know... I am working 2 jobs....
shorter hours.... sooooo....
I'm in an adjustment phase!
And a busy one at that!

It was fun today at work - a tv show about Salmon 
came on, at work... and I was over the top happy!

Soon, Bloggers - soon!!!
SOON to catch up..... please to excuse.....


  1. yeah, looks healthy...not the ship. The food. Can't wait till you catch up.

  2. All that looks great, Anne. I thought thing must be pretty busy for you these days. It is good to see you posting. :)

  3. Peace, love and salmon. There you go... too funny!

  4. Yeah for Alaska Salmon-- It's mouthwateringly good. And yes, they're huge!!! I was shocked when we were in Alaska and saw the size of those things. Wow.

    LOVE your video (and the wreath on your door). You always make me smile. I saw my first California Poppy in bloom last week and thought of YOU.

    xo jj

  5. Are you a salmon lover like me? It's like my favorite food!! YUM!!

  6. You do you live your Omega's dont cha??!!

  7. It definitely is all in the preparation. We can save so much many be creating our own "convenience foods" if we take a bit of time to do so.

  8. I need some catching up myself :) Miss ya! That food looks yummy :) It is so much easier when stuff is already ready too!

  9. Busy, busy, busy...but soon you will be cruising...and your ship will not tip.

  10. Yummy and I am not much for salmon.


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