24 January 2012

a healthy nation

An old cookbook...
Right next to a journal about how the
baby was bitten by a goat!
So many years ago....

I take a pic of my face.... to compare it....
I seem to have this look often!

Ground Beef.... Bacon....
Peppers.... Onions....
Avocado.... Cabbage....
Life is good!

Went to the Farmer's Market today...
An awesome score!

It's like 20 minutes to downtown....
Depends on traffic....
I should go there once a week to shop!
Well - I COULD - for sure!

Go on a weekday... almost empty!

Tooling around Downtown Dallas
City Hall
and Cow Sculptures!
aka Pioneer Plaza...


  1. Love the pics & especially the Farmer's Market! Amazing colors! :-)

  2. Hey! Those cow statues should be over here in Cow Town! Then again, maybe Dallas just needed an artistic boost because we actually have REAL COWS over here on the west side. :)

    oooh the avacado looks scrumptious. I'm stopping by the grocery to get some for the Pea Family dinner tonight. Beef Tacos! With Avacados!

  3. My...looking like a lovely day in D-town!

  4. A herd of cow sculptures... cool!

  5. Sunshine, flowers? Colour me jealous!

  6. You are looking fantastic, Anne. Really. And you don;t have to wait till the cows come home. You are a beauty already.

  7. Oh LOVE the look of that farmer's market!! I wish we had one. Only mostly in the summer until early fall up here. Love the pics!


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