26 January 2012


A lovely plate of eggs! 
And bacon.

Ground beef. Brussels Sprouts.
The sprouts were sautéed in Balsamic Vinegar.
Onions and Garlic.
Bubbies Sauerkraut. Hunk o' Cheese.
The cheese was a Havarti with Dill.
Only ate about half of this.... too full!

I have no hunger at all on this Way Of Eating.
I had to make myself eat tonight.
Cuz I don't want to lose any more muskels.

Had some good old Knox Gelatin in some
Sleepy Time Tea. It was pretty good!
I sip on this about 3 or 4 times a day.
It's a good way to get some extra protein in.

Was wearing some pants and was liking the way 
they fit. Thought they were a medium.
Turns out, they are a men's small!
So yay for me!
100 days till my vacation.
I am really cracking down.
100 days? No problem.
I'm off to a jolly good start!

Got all my ducks in a row.
All the planets aligned.
They did.
I still must remind myself that 
I don't know what anything is for!


  1. Love the food you have there. Low carbing allows such wonderful food choices. Hang in there. :)

  2. Your second plate is very similar to how I'd eat on Paleo too - minus the burger and cheese. I'd have fish or chicken instead and no cheese :D

  3. It looks delicious! This seems to work for you very well, and you have done great!

  4. Glad you are feeling better.... That burger looks sooo good. Makes me want to turn into the Hamburglar!

  5. The eggs and bacon looks like a butterfly! Rorschach food?

  6. It does look like a butterfly and it also looks delicious.

  7. I third the butterfly comment, how pretty :) I keep saying I'm going to try brussels sprout but can't ever seem to make myself lol, one of these days, everyone makes them look so yummy. Yeah for vacation coming :)

  8. Everything looks so delicious! Yay to 100 days!!!

  9. Gosh, I think I just slobbered on myself! You have to do what's best for you, and what keeps you going. I'm so glad you have found your eating niche and share it with us. :)

  10. The bacon and eggs looks like a butterfly :) OH wait...someone else already siad that...but it's true :)

    I'm checking out crossfit....tell me what I need to know!

  11. Brussels sprouts?? You talking my language :)

  12. OMGosh my child (ok and I :)) would love that plate o'eggs and bacon....

  13. I was seeing a butterfly on the egg/bacon plate.


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