03 January 2012

since you asked

A typical week might include:
Butternut Squash... Shrimp... Bacon... Avocado
Bone Broth... Green Beans... Peppers... Brisket
Steak... Berries... Eggs... Salmon
Mackerel... Shrimp w/potato... 
Bacon-wrapped Asparagus... Roasted Tomatoes, Onions,
Salmon w/ sweet potato and cranberries!

I don't tend to do a lot of cooking.
I make very simple dishes.
A meat. A veggie. 

I still have a protein shake.
Or two. Cut way back on sweeteners.
And coffee. Just 2 cups a day.
Now I have some green tea. Or tea.
Try to walk every day.
CrossFit twice a week. 
Still do my neck/shoulder exercises still every day...
9 months after my concussion and head injury!

This was about May/June 2011.
Look at the stuff I was loving!
And look at me.... as they say...
"The body keeps a journal, 
regardless of what we write down!"

I've been pretty consistant at or around 28%
on the fancy CF scales... not really up or down
more than 5 pounds a year.... That's ok... considering!
Still wear my size medium scrubs!

So onward and downward to a new year!
2012! 'Bout time!


  1. Started a second job....
    it's taking me while to catch up with reading blogs!
    I'll get there, though! See ya soon!

  2. Asparagus, you can have it. I'll take all the est you have here to offer. If thats Ok with you.

  3. New google search... Whats a CF scale?? ;)

  4. Ummmm.... I dunno.....
    Cross Fit... done to scale?
    All the CF moves can be adjusted to each person's fitness level...

  5. Loving the montage. I get great ideas for foods from you. Last nights meatloaf was a success. I got the idea from your chili.I hope you don't mind my stealing some ideas from you. You are so creative in the kitchen. I am hoping this week I can do the grocery shopping myself and get some good Atkins approved items.

  6. I love the comment "the body keeps a journal no matter what we write down." So true--smart cookie (no pun) you are!

  7. Your food mosaic is beautiful! And bacon wrapped asparagus? Sounds delicious, never thought of that. :-)

  8. Happy New Year, Anne! You're doing great!

  9. I love those food things you put up... Your food back in the day looks like my current food...

  10. Happy New Year!

    I was just sitting here feeling uninspired for dinner...but one look at all those foods has made me realise there's LOADS in my fridge I can eat!


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