13 January 2012

one more day

1100 cals
4% = 44 cal from pufa
44 div by 9 (for a fat) is about 5
So I am under 4% PUFA here!

My "normal" requirement for calories
Is about 1400 - for lightly active days....
On up to 2000 for heavy workout days!
And calories don't count *per se* in LoCarb....
Until they do!

I still wear my size medium scrubs....
AND/BUT I still am working through 
My recent 5 pound of fat — gain!

So back to the place where we start — again!
I've seen this place a time or two.
This is a common "jumping off point."
Lots of people probably don't like it here.
Hey.... at least it's 5 pounds... not more!
Seems like alot is required...
That "total commitment" people talk about..
You mean I have to get serious, and actually try?
Ye Gads!

4 poached eggs and some shredded cheese
After practicing eating s-l-o-w-y and chewing every bite...
Plus eating at the table.... I couldn't eat half of my meal!

And just a hint - no Picante Sauce before CrossFit...
Makes for no good!

Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. The eggs look good, Anne. I had nuked eggs this morning because my son made them for me. Meh. I appreciated the thought though. Now I need some BACON to go with them a little later. :)

  2. You are too cute and maybe a little WICKED! LOL!

    The eggs look great, but I absolutely love the plate.

    I forgot to count my chews...eek!

  3. All the lord may give us is one more day...bless you for making it count!

  4. Those 5 lbs find me much easier then they come back off. I think I've lost this same 5 pounds a few times now and it's getting to be a sore point. Gotta get past the plateau.
    Your breakfast look yummy. I wasn't hungry today so had a just a small bowl of grapenuts, sorta like eating rocks.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed afternoon.
    Eating slowly is hard, I forget to do this because I'm usually in a hurry to get to the next thing. Gotta slow down. Keep up the great work.

  5. I realized one reason I don't like to slowly chew chew chew:
    tepid coffee
    congealed cheese
    cold eggs
    limp cold veggies (that started out hot)

    Hmm... will need to work on a Fix for that. It's a life long preference that ain't going away any time soon. I like my cold stuff COLD, and my hot stuff HOT. Yeah, I'm picky like that, LOL!

    Glad to see you persevering at those 5 lbs... you'll get there. :-)

  6. Well you look great!
    5 pounds? You can do it. ;)

  7. i find it so so hard to chew slowly, i dont even know how to begin training myself for that lol

  8. Chew? Ha ha, our son/grandson Griffin does not know what chewing means. he INHALES his food.... I'm sure of it! lol

  9. Looks like those clothes are melting off of you!


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