29 January 2012


My gelatin from Amazon got here super quick (link)
I've had the Knox type before (link)

Did you know gelatin was once called 
"Sparkling Calves Foot Gelatine"!?

This is from Great Lakes (link)
They have pork gelatin,  and beef.
Where as Knox is said to be made from both.

On one of the FaceBook Forums I am in,
they said that if you don't eat lot of organ meat,
it's good to mix up the proteins... so while gelatin
is not as complete, it does add a little to the mix.

Just don't let it set up in a cup!
I add it to coffee, tea, and even broth.
Might just make an aspic one day!

Changed my cell phone picture...
I woke up the other day and just didn't identify 
with the older, picture any more..

 The heavier image of me.
That WAS on my cell phone - 
all this time. No more!
Party smile
An old nurse friend of me told me how happy 
she was about my huge weight loss -- BUT
(There's always a BUT, eh?)
WHAT about my cholesterol?
My triglycerides?
I told her my numbers (link)
And she said she didn't know.....
And mumbled and walked away.
Nerd smile
They never know what to say.
So they stick to their old ways....
Even if they (sadly) are not working!

Avocado, Bacon, Eggs, 
Onions, Peppers, and a hint of cheese.
Still at or around 4 % pufa...
Rolling on the floor laughing
Not a bad dinner... for weight-loss!


  1. Sadly, nutrition as preventative medicine is in its infancy...much more unknown than known. What is clear is that we're all a bit different and it is good that multiple approaches exist that work...I'm glad we've both found ours.

  2. Yay to changing your picture!!! Can't wait to see my new numbers even though it may be too soon to notice a difference....

    Great dinner...that avocado looks splendid!

  3. Effen negative Nancys everywhere eh?

  4. Good for you for changing your picture on your cell phone. Do your own thing, you know what works for you. I started my weight loss blog again and have finally found what works for me. take care my sweet friend.

    1. Oooooohhhhh! Cool - can't wait to check it out!

  5. I had never heard of gelatin being put in things other than jello before, and since I've been reading it in your blog I have seen it places! The most recent was a protein gel cup at the gym. You are doing a fantastic job!


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