15 January 2012

caveman boy

I'm all for the Paleo Diet and Life Style 
.... But this is going toooooo far!

You may know this. You may not!
But I live in an apartment - and one of my neighbors
is a real live Caveman!

How do I know this? CUZ
Every night, he fusses and grunts and makes all these
crazy, wild, disturbing "caveman" type grunts....
Most of them in the dead of night!

Now this guy - he has a job.
He wears clothes.
He has insurance.
Not my guy.
Not my little Cro-Magnon Neighbor!

Not even THIS guy. 
A job, a wife, a kid, a pet, a house in Suburbia....
Neighbors.... Water Buffalo Lodge stuff...
But not MY guy.

The good thing about it - 
If I ever want to go "half-sies" on a Bison Heart
or Liver or Tongue - he's my guy!

In the meanwhile.... I'm just trying to get a little sleep
at night... before the next full moon!


  1. I don't know if caveman boy could be worse than Dail's snoring or not. It gets pretty bad sometimes. He has a c-pap but won't wear it. Grunts, snore, and other assorted noises are here all night long.

    It's like living above Tony the Freaking Tiger.

  3. That's creepy! Stay away from him or he might club you.

  4. Snoring was my first thought. When my husband was much bigger, he could rattle the windows. :)

  5. Ugh... sounds like my husbands snoring.
    Two words: ear plugs

    I hope you find a way to get good sleep, it makes such a difference and is so important... oh, that's right, you're a nurse. You know that already. ;-)

  6. I think he needs a clubbing! Good grief. That's just awful. Sorry that you have him for a neighbor!

  7. My dogs were frightened by that growl!


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