23 January 2011

project and projections

You know the drill....
Looks like I'm "chomping at the bit" to get done!

Lots and lots of elbow grease!
Elbow ketosis, maybe?

 Finally put that Valance up in the work-out room.
It looks pretty good - I bought something ready-made .

Anna's Linens is da bomb-dot-com!
Especially when they have a sale.

Now I know that I am dreaming....
(beyond a shadow of a doubt)
All that caulk I re-did when I moved here last Spring - 
It all disintegrated.

Caulk doesn't just "disintegrate."
But this stuff did. All the work I did last Spring
and Summer - I ended up redoing.

Cabinets and Pantry - all squared away
I built several shelves, as well!
Me and my trusty little saw.

Condensed the "stuff" down to a couple of shelves
and a few boxes. Papers and Nursing supplies.
Which are all put up, at last! Boxed and labeled.

All the 3X, 2X, XL, and most of the L clothes are gone!
Anything that is stained or messed up is outta here!

My little cubby-hole closet.
It's now an ironing and sewing center. (link)
Yes - I can sew, too! Just a few hems.... nothing fancy.

Someone said I should go on and marry my self....
I can build, and cook, and sew, etc.
Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
I mean, I get along much better with myself these days.
I don't sabotage myself, or work against myself so much.
And I'm alot more forgiving to me!
I trust myself, and what I know is true.
And I even like myself at times.
I think I'd make a fine catch.

And the best news of all.....
Some unscrupulous maintenance guy
(or someone)
snuck in over time and drank all this.
2L of Crown.
Almost the same amount of Hennessy.
All the Absolute, and the Canadian Whiskey.

Actually, this would explain alot of things
that have gone missing over time.
And how some things magically show up
weeks later! *Ta-Da!*

And I don't even drink!
Maybe a shot every now and then.
For insomnia or something.
I keep the stuff around from an era gone by -
from when my friend Randy would come by.
(Another one of the suicide club.)

But this summer (link) I made a solemn effort to focus on 
my weight loss and fitness. And to get back to basics 
(again and again...) So I know I didn't drink it!
And yet the stuff vanished... imagine that....

They also took most of the mason jars that I use
to take my protein powder in! (link)
I only have a few left. Whoever took the alcohol
maybe took in out in the jars?

Why is this the best news ever?
Because I  suddenly have "proof"
that I wasn't losing things, and losing my mind.
So to speak.

Actually, the proof was always there.
I just suddenly chose to believe it.
Gave myself permission to.

Sometimes, the truth is somehow just right there.
Gently waiting for us to acknowledge it.
Sometimes, it's obvious and undeniable.
Calls for a conclusion? Perhaps.
And that's ok.

It feels like I have been let out of jail!
So that's why it's the best news ever.
What an arduous path to the truth this has been.

Now I can say there is no conflict in me.
100% none. If only for a moment.
And wow - my headache is gone, too!
Imagine that! Yay!


  1. Apartment maintenance guys stink. A couple of years ago we called in about our closet light fixture breaking. We went to the movies and when we got back we found our dining room chair in our closet and a package of cookies that we hadn't opened open and cookies sprawled all across the dining room table.

  2. I can't believe that - about the booze...very strange. Love your valance and hey, you have a cool work-out room - yippee.

  3. True story -
    I "interrogated" my neighbors who had a key,
    and took note of how much booze was there...
    Rancid thinking on my part, but again,
    I was convinced that had taken leave of my senses,
    and somehow consumed gallons of the stuff
    in my sleep or something.....
    Stranger things have happened....

  4. Anne, that is bizarre and scary. Can you complain to the management and change the locks? Or just change the locks and don't tell management?

  5. That is scary about the booze and the jars. Especially the jars! They are nice jars (I followed the link.) You should change your locks. Yay for not losing your mind or being a sleepwalking drinker (the mind boggles! I've heard of people raiding the fridge while sleepwalking, though.)

    You are very accomplished! She builds, she cooks, she sews! Not only that, she loses weight and inspires others!

    The cabinets and pantry and valance look terrific. I am impressed. I can cook but that's about it.

  6. Hallelujah the headache is gone!!!

    If you could come over with that drill, I need to hang something on the living room balcony...right now the whole neighbourhood gets to watch whatever we do in the living room. :-)

    I think you are great catch too and if you do marry yourself, don't forget to register somewhere so we can buy you some great gifts!

  7. Love the work you've done, dear. I would love to handy with things like that. Wallpaper is about the limit of my redecorating. You can come to my house any time and teach how to do stuff. Love the valance and I would LOVE to have en exercise room. I'm thinking about doing that with one of our extra bedrooms. I just cant figure our how to get the treadmill in there without taking it apart.

  8. I agree with Shelley. That is scary. Anne, you are so happy in every situation, I just... I raise my hands up and ask- "Is this girl real?" Really? :D You're awesome!

  9. The cabinets look great! Job well done!

    The booze story is scary. That could drive me insane. Glad you got to resolve this situation and that it has made it feel better. Do change your locks, it's not about lost things... it's what a drunk person with an access to your place can do.

    As for marrying, you are a total catch. Hope the right person will realize it. Not that I think you need to marry anyone - but companionship - that is always welcome. I wish that for you. :)

  10. I'd leave a note taped to the liquor with a few choice words for the offender-- like telling them to smile because they're on a hidden camera or something like that to scare the daylights out of them.

    And that drill-- Maybe you could bring it to LA to open my huge jar of beans??? :-)

    Have a great week, jj

  11. PS GREAT job on all the repairs and what's up with the caulk? Sheesh.

  12. I am useless in home projects, so I admire your competence and vim right now.

    It sucks that maintenance folk can't be decent about respecting property. Well, now you know. Anytime maintenance is done, check ALL YOUR STUFF to make sure none is missing. (Mark the bottles with a sharpie with a line and date to see if any is taken when you're home again. That way you can legitimately tell the landlord.)

    Anyway, continue to rock the renovating/decluttering/repairing.

    Like the valance!


  13. It's really a non-starter.....
    Since I don't even like Crown!
    But like so many ideas, it's the thought that counts!
    I am so de-cluttered I am rocking the Universe right now!
    Boole - yeah!

  14. Sounds like you've had a busy and productive weekend. It feels good to get organized and clear out some clutter. And it's nice to read about how you're treating yourself well with more tolerance and so on. Very good.

  15. Very scary!

    I love your new valance!

  16. I would definitely put another lock on! Or at least lock up your booze and jars :) Hey you could put a hidden cam in and catch them at it.

  17. wow, can you say PRODUCTIVITY!? everything looks great!
    I think Id re-fill all those bottles with something to make it *look like* they were new and then like others said, put a hidden camera! Or at the very least complain to mgmt and change the locks. Or change the locks in secret!! I dunno. Thats just really scary!

  18. People are taking your stuff? That's terrible! I hate to hear that. Get those locks changed and complain to someone. Anyone!

    I really like that valance. Nice choice.

    You're a beautiful lady inside and out.

  19. YIKERS!!!! Creepy dudes!

    I love me some Anna's, too, we have one down the street. I like Country Curtains, too.

    You certainly are very handy, I wish I could caulk. That is some hot caulk. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  20. projects and projections ...what a great title!

    Glad you feel free...may your future projections bring only joy.

  21. creepy, someone is in your house, stealing your booze!!!

    what does one use canned milk for???

  22. handy lady Anne
    (related to Rosie?)
    declutters with abandon
    curtains with charm
    and solves
    the nagging mystery
    of vanishing things
    now headaches are gone
    hooray for being
    out of jail!!!!
    she's not crazy at all
    oh, and whoever said
    cook, sew and build
    forgot to mention
    draw, write and photograph

  23. hooray for being
    out of jail!

    [Somehow when I posted the comment above, the last two lines "got deleted"... so I'm back, because they're important!]

  24. Too scarey.... Just be careful with the strange ones around!!!

    And anytime you want to marry me, just let me know - I have lot of work that needs done around here!!

    Have a great week!


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