10 January 2011

double crosser

Lots of laces and extra room in the zapatos

These scrubs fit me like pajamas and you can't really tell
that I am continuing to lose inches.

The full leg cross

The partial leg cross

Ankle to knee cross

The no way to cross

 The Slider

The I Give Up

Not pictured here is the 
"Help Me Off The Floor" cross

Followed by the classic 
"Run And Go Get Help, Lassie!"

All for fun
 Hope your day is fun fun fun!


  1. I prefer the I give up personally. I shows a real life reaction to unmitigated chaos.

  2. Can't remember the last time I was able to cross my legs... it's going to be a red-letter day with fireworks when it gets here, that's for sure. :-D


  3. Ohhhh, I loooove crossing my legs these days. Every chance I get! I do know that that's bad for the spine, hips, posture and what not, but I just can't resist after years and years of not being able to do it. Know what else? Hugging my knees. There's something quite comforting in doing that.

    Great post, gave me my first LOL of the day. Thanks! :)

  4. as always you made me laugh cry it was BETTER THAN CATS.

    (which this Jewish woman always longs to spell KATZ)

  5. I love my scrubs! the most comfortable things in the world :)

  6. I like the slider. I employed it quite nicely at the movies last nite, until I realized I might just fall asleep! Cute sneaks too :-D

  7. I Love your shoes. Being able to cross your legs shows that you are losing inches! ;)

  8. I can still cross my legs, even though they're HUGE! I think it helps that they're extra long! lol

    The best trainers/sneakers I ever bought were from the Adidas store in Seattle. I've searched EVERYWHERE in the UK for another pair, but they don't carry my size... :o( They were Adidas Daroga in an 11.5 and they were SOOOOOOO comfy! :o)

  9. Thanks - these are my "Boss" shoes...
    The boss came in one day,
    and everyone that looked good and passed the grade
    got these cool shoes! How cool is that?
    *I have the Best Bosses In The World!*
    Now, however, my shoes are like 1/2 size too big!
    Not complaining, though..

  10. Look at those skinny, little leggers! Go, girl!

  11. Anne, it has always been a dream to cross my legs, how silly is that.. I will be like Loretta, their will be fireworks. loved your post have a great day.

  12. Oh to walk in your shoes for one day :)

    Love you girl!

  13. I've been amazed at your shrinkage. You've done great. Proud of you!

    Don't be mad but I STILL haven't looked at hotels. Tonight I promise. Pinky swear.

  14. I lost a size in my shoes too but going from a size 12 to 11 really didn't help me all that much in the fashion area lol. I love to cross my legs now I even do it under my desk lol.

  15. I love how you take things that some people take for granted and put it out there for all of us to consider. Excellent double cross!

  16. Love it. Yes, YOU can tell that your legs are thinner. Wow!!

    Thanks so much for stopping today with your wise comments. So appreciated.

  17. lol Great series. I usually sit with the full leg cross. Usually right over left. Do others have a preference, do you think? Do you?

    Those scrubs look to be swimming on you. Does that count as exercise? Probably not. Huh?

  18. I dunno.....
    First one, then the other....

  19. Ha!!! You're thin!! I'm glad you can't see me!

  20. Wow kiddo you are definitely a double crosser :) And cute to boot!

  21. I have been celebrating the newfound ability to cross my legs once more. Was telling my niece yesterday how amazing it feels to just be able to do that. Small vitories.

    The "I give up" cracked me up. HAHAHA.

    And i love that you CAUGHT the splash. Nice.


  22. Have to limber up to do that ankle to knee cross... a worthy goal. I need to do clam shell exercises for my hips and am guessing they'd help with the A > K X as well. Need motivation, as I don't have space or inclination to get on the down on the floor... maybe this'll help!


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