06 January 2011

atonement soup

Walking it out on a lunch break at work.
The headaches are better, but still ever-present. 
The tv being on full-blast didn't really help.
What's a Nurse to do.

I met this Savage Resident who only wanted to be loved.
And petted. That too.
Plopped herself down right in front of me.
I get that alot.

Lots of facilities have dogs and cats that 
actually live in the building.

An afternoon cup of Yerba Mate
Two bags - double strength today

Interesting day for a walk.
Shirt-sleeve weather today.
But a cold front is coming!

The perpetual flame of the Unknown Shopper 
burns in front of Whole Foods

A nice big bowl of "Atonement Soup"

Beef stock, chicken stock, red wine, balsamic vinegar,
hot sauce, beef, and cabbage.
Cook over night. Super awesome.
Might be the best soup I ever put in my mouth.

Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments
yesterday. It means to world to me.

I thought that eating less would help the headache.
But way of an adjustment. Turns out,
that actually made it worse. (Duh!)

I added a cup a half-decaf / half regular coffee.
Helped a little... not as much as the soup.

At the end of the day, my headaches are probably just from stress.
Ever since I abandoned my usual "coping skills" 
of overeating, hiding, and bitching.

Live and learn, and then get Love, I guess!
Hope your day is happy!


  1. Learning new coping skills is always a challenge. Meditation or deep breathing is helpful to me. Along with some yoga on occasion. I hope you find something that works for you and that you are taking good care of yourself in the process.

  2. Hi Anne. I'm pretty pain tolerant but headaches are the worst. Hope you feel better soon. Yes, GTA is Greater Toronto Area :)

  3. (((hugs))) headaches are the worst! have you had your eye's checked recently? ... just a thought. Can you email me that soup recipe?


  4. Withdrawal headaches can last from 7-10 days, Anne, but if you were used to taking in a LOT of caffeine, that is probably bumped out a few days.

    Ah, coping skills. You need a personal whack-a-mole ... nothing says "stress relief" like scoring points against an annoying rodent.

    Either that, or you'll have to take a laundry marker to a pillow case. Draw a face and hair, stick the case on a pillow, and call her "Doris" ... she stays in the car. Then, when you have to, you just pop outside for a quick visit with Doris, and either punch or scream into her - or cry, as the case may be. It is cheap and surprisingly effective. I had one of my nurse girlfriends do that (she invented Doris), when she had a particularly rough rotation and a jerky boss. That poor pillow saw it all ... hehehe

    Nurses are a GODSEND, but the profession is not without a boatload of stress.

  5. I am so non-violent that doris would whip ME!
    (Except for the occasion baby-fit!)

    My stress doesn't come from Hospice work....
    That's one thing I CAN control.
    My stress comes from rejection by the living.

    I think the affirmations help a bit, too.

  6. Your soup looks delicious! I adore soup! Maybe I will make some today!

  7. So sorry to read about the headaches, I hope you get relief soon! The soup looks so good, if you're emailing the recipe I'd like to have it too. I don't have any advice about stress, my coping skills are the same as yours used to be. I am working on the overeating, and you're saying that if I give up the hiding and bitching, I'm asking for headaches!? Maybe I'll hang on to those for a while yet. My email is: rdbbp77@gmail.com

  8. Doris is a cry buddy too ... if that helps, Anne.

    Rejection is difficult for most of us. And you are probably feeling particularly vulnerable because, as you said, you've eliminated the less healthy coping mechanisms you had.

    Difficult transition.

    Surround yourself with the things you cherish, the people you love, and/or something you enjoy (a Wicked delight) ... just no caffeine.

    Cyber hugs!

    Do you ever make soup in a pressure cooker? YUM! The flavors blend and take on an intensity one would normally get from all day cooking. Just DO NOT use a pressure cooker for split pea soup. Well, not unless you want an explosion and dripping pea soup from every cabinet, wall and ceiling ...

    Why, Ann, are you speaking from experience?

    I am taking the fifth, but will say you can barely see where the hole was patched, from when the pressure knob imbedded into the ceiling above the stove.

  9. Headaches are terrible. You're a real sport because I'm an angry zombie when I have a headache.

    Flame of the unknown shopper. LOL

    Hope that headache is better today. Take care of you.

  10. I hope the headaches are better soon, Anne. I know I've had more than my share lately. However, I'm sure it is sinus related. The mountains here is Tennessee almost guarantee sinus issues to all who live here. I've had 4 surgeries but nothing has been a permanent solution. I should move to the seaside or the desert someday. :)

  11. I want some of that soup! Looks so good.

    Have you tried supplementing with magnesium for headaches? I am no expert but I've heard time and time again that magnesium helps a lot for headaches. Worth a try.

    Give what you want to receive, they say. I say patience, what else is there to do? I used to force those things when I was younger. Worked for a while, but never in a long run. I don't chase anything any more. I know your feelings all too well, believe me. I might not express them much, but they are there. In the end we'll be all right, I know we will. *hugs*

  12. Glad you are headache free! After five years, that must feel absolutely terrific. Pet that little kitty for me next time he/she plops down!

  13. Hey there Anne, oh I hope you can get rid of the headaches, when I get one, I have a cpap machine, go lay with that on for about a half an hour and poof the headache is gone. I am going to try that soup. is there a recipe or is it a little of this, some of that...let me know please, it really looks good, and I am not big on cabbage, I know it is very healthy though. have a good day.

  14. Warm Cup of Soup and a Hug. That's as good as this world gets!
    The Peace you seek will not be found walking those hallways.

    Do you think kitty takes it personally if those she plops herself infront of don't pet her...naah she just moves on to the next person and tries again. It's a number game. And girl your number is coming up so chin up and btw your chin looks marvelous :)

  15. I love going to Whole Foods! I'd love the soup recipe, too, please!

    Hope the headaches are passing you by today.

    Sometimes when I'm stressed I don't breathe right. When I take a few minutes to just breathe slowly in and out, I relax. I'm sure you've tried everything already but I'm just sayin'...

  16. If you can feel where the headache is, try pushing and poking around on your head and shoulders until you feel where the most pain is coming from. It'll feel kind of like a pressure point and won't necessarily be where the actual headache is. Then push hard on that spot (and it's going to HURT) until it doesn't hurt anymore.
    If your headache's stress-related it'll go away

  17. The soup sounds like an interesting combination- never seen anything like it! Sounds good though- and healthy.

  18. Mmmm, soup. Ahhh, the living; a damn tough bunch. Here's TONS of acceptance from one living. If they only knew how cool you really are.

  19. Mmmm that soup looks yummers :)
    Cute kitty cat!! Just don't step on her
    Glad the headaches are becoming a bit more manageable. Stress is what does me in time and time again :(

  20. rejection is very painful - I hope your head has calmed down today. Is it possible to have a massage especially on your back, shoulders and neck, it may help......:-)Hugs

  21. Id love the recipe too, that looks and sounds delicious!
    I like what Darla said about the rejection from the living; its certainly that living thing's loss! Unfortunately, they apparently do not know what they are missing, but the kitty sure knows whats good though--therefore has flung herself in front of you for some lovins! Just trying to lighten things up, Im a clown. Fully aware of the pain that rejection causes and I hope you're feeling better--headache and heartache-wise!

  22. Ah, soup. The best comfort food and low carb too. Rejection is painful. Stress can be tough. I like what Bernie says about massage - touch is healing, we nurses know that (and kitteh knows it too.) Just noticed I said "we nurses" - I haven't practised for years but I still think of myself as a nurse. Funny that!

  23. You know me, chicken soup is my answer to everything but your cabbage soup looks pretty darn awesome. I hope it warms your headache away for good.

    xo jj

  24. So sorry the headaches continue to plague you. I do hope you find a remedy and are able to enjoy your success on the hard work to good health.

  25. I had/still have a silly headache today that I've been dousing with caffeine and I was totally thinking of you!

  26. Yes My day is happy! and thank you for your comment and encouragement - its sooo nice of you!. I will follow your blog but what an inspiration to someone like me with all of the journey yet to do.

    Thanks x

  27. Mmm atonement soup looks very good. But, does it work?

  28. soup good. magnesium good. worst headaches I ever had was because I had sleep apnea and just didn't know it.

    The thing about job interviews and feeling rejected and all that kind of stuff that has to do with moping about:

    -If it's right , everything clicks in to place. If it isn't, we might mope or think 'what if' at the time but it wasn't what was in the cards for us.

    Might take a while to figure it out. Might take longer to accept. Later on you look back and go "oh yeah, now I get it".

    At least that's how God and the Universe treats me.

  29. SS - I didn't step of Miss Kitteh!
    I never would.... try telling that to her!

    And PJ - God and the known Universe....
    That's why I need Atonement...
    At least in the form of soup.

  30. Giving up on those usual coping skills... I am doing well on not bitching, just have to work on the hiding and eating!

    I love that you place of work allows the kitty :) I think all hospice places should... pets are good for stress (or so I'm told) maybe you need a kitten at home to help with your stress head aches??? Not to mention they don't reject us like the humans do :)

    I hope your head aches are better! I really feel for you :(


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