02 January 2011

it's that time of year again

Everyone is selling junk magazines
that promise quick and easy weight loss

Sure - easy as blueberry pie!

Look at all the comparisons you could have had 
if only you didn't eat that pie! Right!

Found smart bells in a drawer at work!
One pounders. Go for it, Daddy-O!

A good LoCarb fare: Pork Rinds for a snack,
Sugar Free Ginger Ale, Cheese Cubes, Hard Boiled Eggs.
Also protein mix and grilled chicken breast.

Let's see.... what else can we find in the typical granny's stash?
Peanuts are tricky - read the labels, first.
You think a handful is a serving?  Nope! A serving is shown
 here in the black lid.  Serving size is 16 pieces. 

A Rudolf Cookie, Cheese Crackers, Hot Chocolate, and Pringles.
Well, the Pringles woud explain the fever, at least!
Again, the serving size is the wildcard factor here...
No one can eat just 16!

Corn is a grain, at the end of the day. Corn chips.
Snacks are a fact of life - but we can make good choices even there!
Practice Safe Snacks!

Trail mix - supposed to be good for you.
Molasses cookies and Frosted Pretzels.
Just like Granny used to make. Regrettable?

You don't have to be on a low carb diet 
Or be a goofy LoCarb Blogger to make a LoCarb treat!

This one has a hundred variations. Limited only by your imagination!
The base is Cream Cheese - add sugar free chocolate syrup,
and cherry and almond extract. Chocolate covered cherries!

Or add mint flavoring, and cacao nibs. Chocolate mint!
Or a few nuts. Stir and enjoy - 

Add PB2 (dry peanut butter) to cream cheese
and Sugar Free Praline syrup. Or Pumpkin Pie Spice.
Almost no limits to the different flavor combinations!
You can add protein powder, too!

Hope your day is safe and happy,
and the New Year is calling out to you to
make this one count!


  1. Computer problems.....
    please stand by!

  2. Hey, I've been wondering what to do with my sugarfree Praline syrup. :-)

    What kind of Pork Rinds do you like? So far, I can't find any I like plain... I just crush them up and use like a crispy coating for chicken or fish, instead of breading.

    A Rudolph cookie... Awwww, cute.


  3. I thought a serving of peanuts was half a pound. That what I used to eat. Couldn't stop eating them once I started and never got how come they had a reputation for being satiating. That's why I don't eat them any more. Well, that and the amount of omega-6s they deliver.

    Good post, btw. Finding alternatives and making healthier choices are very important.

    Hope your computer troubles go away soon!


  4. A bag of PR will last me a week or more.
    I only eat one or two at a time.
    Sometimes I use then in salads
    in place of croutons. Sometimes I
    use them like a dipper for cream cheese.
    And then, there's pork rind nachos!

  5. That is a good reminder on the serving size of nuts. Yikes. Pork rinds are so good. I have to really hold myself back if they are around, self control is rocky at best.

  6. Hi Anne, saw your post on Enz's blog and decided to start following you. I kind of went through the same thing, quitting blogging for the most part. But after I while I got to missing folks and also started putting weight on again. I think the blog really does help keep me in check.

    You can find me at:


  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I was surprised that someone had found me already! I appreciate the support. I am really enjoying reading your past posts and getting to know you. You make low carb look very intriguing and it's certainly worked for you. You've come a long way, baby!! If that's a serving of peanuts, I better forget nuts altogether, I would never be able to stop at that amount!

  8. yum. you know how to snack girlfriend!

    It's a little creepy going through drawers of hospice patients. But, everyone needs a hobby! :)

  9. Maybe I'll get the practice of safe snacking right this year. Thinking about low carbing it for a while too. Although I will not give up blueberries.

  10. You are really creative--thats my goal moving into 2011, so its not so darned boring!
    And to Lee---you can eat blueberries after Induction (if you even choose to follow Atkins vs. generic low carb). Berries are nice n low in carbs!

  11. Anne, are you saying that cheese is low carb and it won't make me round?? I'm intrigued and I'm a happy nutty fool when you mention cheese. :D

  12. I tend to use greek yogurt like you use cream cheese it sounds like. Usually I make mine sweet and then use it as a dip for apples or pears. I made a fruit salad this week and Marie like it TOO MUCH and has been eating it up before I can lol. Guess that isn't a bad thing.

  13. Question?

    Where do you eat your lunch while doing Hospice? Can you leave for 30 minutes and take scheduled breaks like you would in a hospital?

    I'm just wondering cuz you have mentioned sometimes you skip meals; I'm assuming not on purpose.

  14. The internets are the same way. I swear, every time I open my browser there is a link to "Secrets of Weight Loss" "Ten Rules to Lose Ten Pounds" Etc. Yikes.

  15. Its so good to be catching up with you!! Thanks for the cream cheese "recipes"...great ideas.

  16. Yum. Thanks for the cream cheese suggestions! Like bbubblyb, I like greek yogurt and will try the cream cheese ideas on that.

    Peanuts - I can't be trusted ;)

  17. Yeah, you're back, Anne. LOL @ Lanie. Practice Safe Snacking - double LOL.

    I luvs my PB2 drizzled on banana slices. Yum.

  18. BTW...guess who's getting a mini trampoline? Have you been bouncin around lately?

  19. You can always find cream cheese in my fridge!


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