19 January 2011

a dreary day

My mind sent forth such bleak images yesterday.
Was it images, or my interpretation of images?
Cold, drizzle, windy.....
Like life on Mars.

Once upon a time, I would have spent hours,
 and even days trying to figure out why-
Why some days are bleak,
and yet, the same scene another day would be comforting.
Even reassuring and sought-after.

Now I attribute thoughts like those
to just being hungry, angry, lonely, tired, etc....
Read as: fear - in it's many disguises.

Now I am learning how to quickly recognize them 
for what they are, and turn those thoughts around. 
Because finally after a lifetime, I am starting to see what is projection,
and what is distraction or triangulation, etc...

Then, on the way back home from my assignment,
The same scenes were "rustically beautiful!"
Thanks, I feel much better now!


"Hungry dogs of fear"
Who just happens to be wagging his tail!

Space for lease - time for sale - 
But when you purchase both
We throw the world in for free!

Git Fit!

BBQ'd Gizzards and Livers  - right here!

Cool old signs - 

But here's the interesting part.
When I was feeling so low, I took this picture of myself.
Actual, un-retouched.
Maybe this is what I'll look like in another 50 years?

But when I was coming back - and felt better, 
I took this - and phew! Thank goodness!
I safely survived another time warp.

May your day be filled with
reminders of love -
In whatever shape you are willing 
to accept and recognize without fear!


  1. You are an interesting person, Anne. I enjoy your take on the world. The contrasting two photos of yourself are fascinating! So glad you survived that time warp!

  2. I could see the reflection of your truck in the window. :)

    Smile. Spring is on its way with sunny skies and pretty flowers.

  3. You know, some days, back when I lived up North, those gray days would bum me out, and on others I loved them. On the days I loved that gray, low chilly sky, it was cause my mood was really pensive and introverted...even melancholic...and so the sky seemed to be full of its own ponderings and heavy feelings, just like me. :)

    I'm glad you're a dependable ray of sunshine, though> :D

  4. I love how you described the transient nature of the feelings, and decided not to get mired down in them.

    They can sure feel intense when we are in the middle of them... if I could just remember how soon they'll change... like the weather here in Oregon. They say: don't like the weather? Wait 5 minutes... it'll change. LOL!

    Glad you are feeling better now.

  5. I love that your positivity is always in place! It saves the day each time!! :) CHEERS to you!!

  6. What a difference a day makes, eh?

    I love your photos, esp the scary timewarp one. I've felt like that today with these cold symptoms. all drippy and smeary in the mind!

  7. As entertaining as your posts always are, they also make me think. Thanks for this today.


  8. For some reason you've got me singing "The Sun WIll Come Out Tomorrow" as I bow to your greatness for having been on Romper Room. OMGosh, I'd have gotten pneumonia if I thought it would get me on that show when I was a kid. I love it!

    As for the crazy looking building-- Is that the Church Of What's Happening Now or A Haunted House gone haywire? Regardless, it's kinda weird.

    Hope you're feeling better Anne, xoxo jj

  9. From bad to good... that's a great direction.

    Git fit - LOL.

    Great post, Anne.

  10. How much is a Get Fit membership?

  11. Git Fit-only in Texas! ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  12. I'm glad you made it out of the time warp too. At least while you where there, you turned it around and didn't stay long... I know that's not always as easy at it sounds!
    You're awesome :)

  13. Such interesting photos.. In weather such as this, and how it seems to effect everything around us, I love trying to see the beauty of my surroundings - you just do it so wonderfully! Thank you for being my little bit of sunshine on a dreary day...

  14. hungry dogs of fear....
    hunger and fear do go together

    I saw truckie too.

    If I had a tail it would be wagging.


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