14 January 2011

a driving force

Beautiful clear blue skies

After while do you get used to living in a flight path?

Another Christmas  - in the bag!

Joe Pool Lake.
I've always liked that name.
But then again, what's not to like?

They make it very PC to cross the street.

Self-Serve Doggie Wash
An idea whose time has come.
Sit. Stay. Good Girl!

Anytime? Yeah, Work out any time, now.

Are you having the best day ever?
I sure hope so!


  1. Joe Pool Lake...heh. How cute is that...a Pool Lake. hahahah

    I like "Shiny Woof",too. It's fun to say.

    Herbes de Provence (sp?) should be at your supermarket. I got a little packet (in a baggie) at Fresh Market. My sister buys it in cute little clay pots that look rustic. But it should be at any market that has a good spice selection....look alphabettically under H and then under P. I'm guessing likely "H"...like your initial. :D

  2. Woohoo for Anytime Fitness!

    I once worked with a guy named Joe Bob. Liked that name.

  3. Maybe Dr. Kim can also do breast augmentation...that Hooters wont be hurtin for waitresses then! LOL im goofy.....but you knew that!

  4. I used to live in a flight pattern and you really do get used to it. After living in NW Ohio, I realized after I lived here about six months that I never heard planes! Then when I do hear them, I'm all excited, like a little kid.

  5. Did you have those beautiful blue skies today? How lucky. Anne, I like the way you see things.

  6. Yesterday's pretty blue skies -
    I worked all day today in they Grey!
    Still it's all good!

  7. I love the blue sky, means sunshine and right now I'm in the need of some. Snow, snow and more snow and now cold and more cold. UGH!!!!
    I love all your photos and captions. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care my friend and have a blessed weekend.

  8. That first photo is really interesting-- great colors.

    Love the lap band next to Hooters. YU have such a good eye finding these signs. It always makes me smile.

    Happy weekend, xo jj

  9. We have lovely blue skies here too.
    Mid summer... loving it.
    I have indeed had a good day... totally on track with my food intake, got a quilt finished.... and the kids were entertained by His Nibs all day.... gotta love that.

  10. Well my day is just beginning so I'll have to get back to you. But do you know what clear skies mean for us this time of year? Cold temps. It's 4 degrees this morning. Not so fond of that.

  11. I would like a self serve doggie wash for my boy, Giovanni!


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