28 January 2011

it's for you

Hello? Zat you?

Yeah, Old Girl. Zup?
Phone Tag. You are "It."
Call me!

Really? Yes, really!

Office lunches - this one is pretty carb-o-lishous!

Miss J wonders what is in Taco Bell tacos

Kyle just keeps eating them....

Someone, somewhere collects these!

My other boss eats SuperBowl Cake all day
Not really - these are for clients!

Make mine sugar-free Fro Yo from
Sugarless deLite (link)
Are they the nicest guys in the world?
I think so!

I asked for the "Wash N' Stay" 
but these guys said NO.
It's only "Wash N' Go."
So, scram already!

Jack says to Chill Out!
So chill, baby!

Hope you are having a great night!
Got any big plans for the weekend?
Do tell!


  1. Having a better day but no plans still just laying around lol. Hope you have a great weekend Anne!

  2. Love your pictures always. :) I saw a sign yesterday that said "Keep moving". A road sign. And I thought of you because it would be something you would take a picture of and think of something clever to go with it. :)

  3. Keep moving on - my once upon a time fave motto!
    Now, meh -

  4. Thank you thank you thank you for telling me about sugarless De Lite! I looked up their website, and will be hitting that place up when I reach goal. I can't believe all the stuff they have? Would you recommend anything else besides the Fro Yo?

    Polar's Mom

  5. Everything there is good!
    And they are super good guys!
    You are in the Dallas are - we could even meet there!
    I love to meet other bloggers.

  6. You cracked me up on this one. I love your phone call conversation!

  7. You are IT!!! Have a great weekend :-D

  8. Loved it, Anne! You are so creative!

  9. LOL, wash and stay...only you, Anne. I really want a Fro Yo, but no, no we have no Fro Yo.

  10. I now have a sugar-free FroYo craving, dang, woman!

    Happy weekend. Have one that soars, k?


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