27 January 2011

soot happens

Are we there yet?

These vacuums really suck...
Betcha he's never heard that one before...

Hair, hair, hair for days....
My hair grows very very fast.

Also got my eyebrows "did." 
First time. The hair-cut lady said they were "wild."
And she would be "gentle."
"So - trust,"  she said.
So I did! Didn't hardly hurt a bit.

Green Beens and Hamburger and Cheese with Salsa.
Got my veggies. All at once!
If Reagan said Ketchup is a Veggie, (link)
Then surely Picante Sauce is a Texas Veggie.

Managed to keep the dishes done after each meal.
Now that my little apartment is 100% up-to-speed,
I want to (re) develop the good habits that will keep it that way.

Bike ride, anyone?

There ya go, then, Pumpkin!

It's like being in a war zone every where you go down here!
All is fair in Love and War and Traffic.

YouTube Video
Low Spark ..... (long version)
omg, omg, omg!

Hope Your day is so good,
you don't know what has gotten in to ya!
It's called "Happy!"
Try it sometime!


  1. I need some happy, does it come in a lotion I can rub on me? lol

  2. I want to see the tamed brows. Pictures!

    Love the lights in your apartment. Very festive.

    I got happy all over me. Or maybe that's sweat.

  3. I wanna see the eyebrows too!! A well-groomed, well placed brow can do wonders (there is a whole science of measuring where they should be too!).

  4. Can one major in Eyebrow Science? I like your longer hair & fancy brows.

  5. Love the hair, Anne. It looks lovely! Great photos today, too. :)

  6. The lights in your apartment look festive! So does the food. Yay for eyebrows getting plucked!

  7. I've been writing a story with soot in it. Love the lights in your kitchen.

  8. I always love your pictures. I love your hair cut, your salad has to much dressing for me but the rest looked pretty darn good. I love your work out room. See I'm catching up. I'm glad you don't drink Monster anymore, that stuff just isn't good for you except I'm having troubles getting my teen not to drink it. The cool thing you know.
    Take care Anne and have a blessed evening.

  9. Ugh, green beans. See, I am so sick! Of all the cool pics you posted, my first thought was about the food pic. Then the woody mann vacuums...;-) Hmmm...... Girl you got a shitload of hair! Bitch. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  10. I always thought ketchup was a vegetable. Glad I was right.

    Looks like tons of fun in Texas...keep up the great work.

  11. I never knew about the politics of ketchup exept the whole Heinz connection. Veddy interesting.

    That plate was just not enough food for me!

    Brow close up please :)

  12. Is that the size of your plates portions, may need to decrease, me I me not you. let me know. thanks. hugs. keep up the darn fine job you are doing.

  13. Love the "do"! Would love to get my brows done... One of these days!!

    Great pics!!

  14. Lee -I like the longer hair too,
    but/and I have a big job interview
    coming up and I don't want to go in
    looking so over-the-top wild!
    It will grow back in a short while!

    Cinner - I eat a couple of smaller
    meals during the day. Like a snack-size.
    And by that, I mean 2 or 3.
    For me, smaller portions were key.
    That, and of course, carb control....
    Pretty radical - but then again,
    it IS a major change!

  15. Love your twinkle lights in your kitchen! Yep, I am starting to plan for biking (once the snow starts to melt)!. Miss it tremendously and my nemesis doesn't do biking justice. Have a great weekend!!

  16. Michele beat me to it :) I love the Christmas lights in the kitchen! Oh and i love your hair! Good luck with the interview!


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