13 January 2011

day day

An office plant waits for Seymour to come feed him

Time and Arches weight for No Man

Eye In The Sky 
Cop In A Box Guys

Attention all Canadians. And others.
This is how gas pumps look in the Big City.
Vapor Lock Something or other.
Very big hoses.

And this is American Money.
The quote unquote name of the game.
But I think it's still about something else.

Cue the music to the theme from "Dallas!"

Driving by South Fork Ranch - 
very near my little apartment.
If you came here, I would show you.

"Dallas" is almost "Salad" spelled backwards.

Bossy Boots.
Who names these things, anyways?

Now THIS is a lucky shot

Gonna be a bbq at Twelve Oaks tonight!
Yessir! Thay sure is.
Naw- just a brisket from Sam's Club.

Parting the Red Sea of Traffic Lights 

I hope your days are well-spent and your
nights are peaceful and easy -
with the gentle moon watching over you!


  1. Cop in a box! Never seen one of those before.

    I'd love to see the South Fork Ranch. I'll have to plan a trip to Dallas.

  2. Taking an easy day for myself today, Anne. Not lightening the food plan, just the activity.. Tomorrow will be a better day, I'm sure. This one isn't bad, there is just a lack of get-up-and-go and some serious toe pain.

  3. I'm buying brisket today too :)

  4. Ummm, did someone say Dick in a Box? I'm just sayin'...

    Polar's Mom

  5. Great. Now I can't get the "Dallas" theme song out of my head ...

  6. Your photo tours always make me happy. Cop-in-a-box ... I wonder if he has a Jack In The Box burger for lunch.

  7. as always I love your pictures :)

  8. Loved the picture of the plant in the sky and the cop box lol. Also kept thinking of a woman in boots with her arms crossed standing next to a man trying to put that bossy boots sign up lol. Days going ok :)

  9. Really love your photos - thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Feed me Seymour!! I wonder if people get too big to fit between those Golden Arches. Perhaps. I can't belive the name of that street. Hilarious. Imagine a bossy person living on Bossy Boots Drive. Funny stuff.

  11. Id love to live on BossyBoots Drive! Might help me kick in with that sassy attitude Im always tryin to drum up! and mmmm brisket!
    By the way, I made the ground beef with eggs/cheese just a bit ago. DELICIOUS. And my doggy Odin enjoyed a few bites too!

  12. The sky with the houseplant is gorgeous. Bossy Boots? That's fantastic. I would be looking for a place to live on that street so I could have that address.

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your world with me. Bleeb beeeb. Just joking on the bleeb part.

  13. Cop in a Box - too funny!

    Love all the pics. :)

  14. I loved the photos! The arches and the salad had me laughing! The lucky shot and the tree are my favorites. :)

  15. Memory ping... I used to have a tuxedo cat named Mr Boots... and he was VERY bossy. He had a little head, and a giant butt. He'd sit with his top half hanging out over the edge of a table, securely anchored by his... uh... anchor.

    He was a rescue kitty... maybe he was from Texas...

  16. Love your photos and brisket sounds really good right now.......:-) Hugs


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