17 January 2011

salad day

'Tis a lovely day for a salad!
Lettuce Mix and Spinach

Here's a play-by-play on how to make 
a great Pseudo (Sous) Chef Salad!

Add cubed cheese

It's like "The White Album" up in here...
A white ceramic knife - works pretty good

Add that

Can o' tuna or chicken....
or chicken of the sea!

Also made some broasted Brussels Sprouts
With Balsamic vinegar and EVOO
Which I will never get tired of eating!

This coat - Last year, I thought I could wear it this year.
I was wrong. Way too big.
I don't have any idea how much space I take up.
Here in the blogs, or in real life.

I don't drink - but I don't "not drink" - 
Too many calories so I usually abstain... 
This is Chocolate Wine from Holland.

And is it ever good! About a million carbs, though.
Tastes exactly like Bailey's Irish Cream.
That's some good stuff, Maynard!

Hope your day is fantastic and wonderful
With all kinds of good thoughts 
in your sweet little noggin'


  1. Leave it to the Dutch to develop a chocolate wine!
    And I am reading this (sorry SpunkySuz) as I eat a SALAD!

  2. The salad looks lovely. That would hit the spot right now, but I've gotten almost all my calories in for today. All I have left is a protein shake or a reasonable substitute. I should have saved the heavier food for later in the day.

  3. Mmmm. That salad looks good but the brussel sprouts - WOW! Love those things :)

    Chocolate wine - I don't drink (well, once in awhile) and that looks divine.

    What a great thing - to not know how much space you take up!

  4. Gosh, we really are sisters. Love the salad. Yum! No idea how much space I take up, either. Have loads of clothes like that and an idea that I can still wear them... and that choco wine... I don't drink and don't care for liquid chocolate, yet the very idea sounds quite appealing right now.

  5. I saw that chocolate wine at Krogers and on Ellen. Yum! I do like a drink but the calories are keeping me at bay.

    Yummo salad. LOVE cheese so much. Again with those pesky calories.

  6. So cute - you don't know how much space you take up! That comment made me smile. You make salad sound good.

  7. Hmmm that chocolate wine looks awesome! Then again so does that salad :)
    I had roasted brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and sf maple syrup!

  8. Anne, I have never thought a salad could look so delicious and I mean it!

  9. Salad looks great and yesterday was my Salad x 2 day....but I can only have one cheese serving a day, sniff, sniff, sniff. I may need to renegotiate that one. I love me cheese.

    Chocolate wine. I need to stay away and never taste that. I have a feeling I'd like it tooo tooooo much, honestly.

    Love the too big, baggy jacket/coat pick. I like the colors/style on that. I'd wear it. :) So, time for a new coat, huh? Or just wear that one with lots of sweaters under. heh.

    Later, babe

  10. You are swimming in that coat, Anne. Chocolate wine...I've never heard of it, but now I'd like a little sip :-)

  11. I'm interested in those broasted brussels. I love brussel sprouts... any way they can be prepared.

  12. I threw on a tshirt and a hoodie tonight and didnt realize until I was out in public how HUGE the tshirt actually was. I felt a bit embarrassed! In a good way though, imagine if my tshirt and your coat were TOO SMALL??? acckk!! In my life, my no idea of how much space I take up thingee goes both ways, always has!
    Anyway. Now I want chocolate wine!!!

  13. Chocolate wine? Why, I've never heard of such. Looks divine - as does your salad and your coat-too-big self!

  14. is that a Yoshi? learning to love mine :)

  15. Chocovine is so addictive! I don't usually even like sweet drinks like that but it's dreamy (when ice cold!!) oh, and that brussel sprout looks beautiful, mine never come out quite that nice/crisp because I'm impatient!!

  16. Salad is so good to nibble on for a meal or a snack. Healthy eating habit is a good start to prevent any diseases in the future. Green leafy vegetables are good source of iron and potassium.


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